Reconnaissance of Washington Sound and Approaches Washington Territory

United States Coast Survey, marine navigation map (# 27) of Washington Sound, west to Port Angeles, south to Whidbey Island, and north to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo) / Fraser River, B.C., dated 1862. The area includes the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and islands in the Gulf of Georgia and the northern Puget Sound. Coastal contours, depth readings, shoreline development, towns, Indian villages, and Hudson Bay Company forts are shown. Smaller insert map of Admiralty Inlet and Puget Sound, dated 1858, is located at upper left corner of map. Small tide table providing tidal ranges at Port Townsend and Semiahmoo is present at lower left map corner.


Creation Date: 1862

Catalog ID: 1998.91.2.26

Call Number: MAPC/WT/PS/1862

Object Types: map

Dimensions: Height 29.25 in Scale: 1:200,000 . Width 28 in

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