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Mek-yapy Red Dye Piegan Warrior

Pencil sketch on paper. Portrait of a Native American man, head and upper torso. His hair is worn in two braids with a wrapped bunch of hair at each side of his face and bangs which are folded upward and tied in a small bunch. His clothing is quite detailed. He is wearing a native shirt which has bead- or quillwork bands over the shoulders, a row of metal buttons along the sleeve, and fringe on the shoulders and sleeves. He has a scarf tied around his neck and a square pouch on a strand of beads. He is holding a club in his left hand. His right hand is missing three fingers. By Gustav Sohon.


Creation Date: Oct. 9, 1855

Catalog ID: 1918.114.9.24

Object Types: sketch

Dimensions: Height 10.313 in . Width 6.875 in

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