Street Paving in Woodland, WA

Black and white glass plate negative image of concrete road construction, possibly a Washington State road, in Woodland, Cowlitz County, WA, ca. 1911. Several men pose in front of a concrete mixer in image center, one holding a shovel, and 2 holding concrete smoothers. An older boy holding a pail stands nearby. The mixer stands between parallel wooden forms. Other workmen are behind the mixer bending over a wheelbarrow.


Creation Date: ca. 1911

Catalog ID: 1970.99.12

Call Number: 1970.899.12

Object Types: negative, glass-plate

Dimensions: image height 5 in . image width 7 in

Related Subjects: Cowlitz County Woodland, WA Washington State road construction, road worker, construction mixer, cement boy child labor paving, concrete child