[spciemen of concrete from the Kingdome]

Piece of concrete (2000.46.142a) and certificate of authenticity (.142b). Concrete was taken from left field wall of Kingdome during a remodeling. Piece is grey with a blue top. Certificate is printed on pink paper with black ink and is under glass in a silver-colored metal frame. Plaque: Certificate of/Authenticity/This chunk of concrete is/hereby certified as an authentic/piece of the Kingdome's former/left field wall that was/demolished in December of/1990/[signature]/Niel M. Campbell/Stadium Director/Kingdome


Creation Date: 1990

Catalog ID: 2000.46.142

Object Types: specimen, concrete

Creator: Seattle, WA

Dimensions: Length 3 in Note: concrete. Width 2.25 in . Depth 1.625 in . Length 10.281 in Note: certificate. Width 8.25 in . Depth 0.813 in

Related Subjects: building component building material kingdome documentary artifact Neil M. Campbell