Tray/plate made of pewter, 19th century?, from Europe/Italy? Round flat base with short sides which extend into wider rim edge. Rim is flat; edging extends above rim and has slightly wide scalloped effect, giving edge 12 sides. Four raised border lines in edging. Engraved into center of plate is large coat of arms with curled line border around it. Coat of arms is shield shaped with point at bottom and notched upper corners. Shield divided into four parts. Upper left and lower right have fleur de lis forms against horizontal line background. Upper right and lower left sections have similar designs of two stars on either side of stacked triangles.


Creation Date: 1800-1900?

Catalog ID: 1944.38.21

Object Types: tray

Creator: Europe Italy?

Dimensions: Height 1 in . Diameter 11.188 in

Related Subjects: decorative art coat of arms food service T&E fleur-de-lis star triangle