[regimenal distinguishing unit pin]

Regimental distinguishing unit type pin, 1900-1925. S.N. Meyer, 1900-1925? Made in shape of shield of gold tone metal with straight pin fastener and C shaped clasp. Elaborate curlicue gold border. At center is dark blue enameled section with three white enameled fleur-de-lis forms. At center top is bi-lobed crown with center in red enamel. Dark blue for infantry. Fleur-de-lis shows service in France, World War I.


Creation Date: 1900-1925?

Catalog ID: 2007.0.117

Object Types: pin, regimental

Dimensions: Height 1.125 in . Width 1 in . Depth 0.188 in

Related Subjects: personal symbol crown fleur-de-lis France World War I