[demitasse cup and saucer]

Small demitasse type cup and saucer, white bone china with blue decoration of laurel wreaths and fleur-de-lis like forms on both saucer and interior of cup. Small, shallow cup has flat pedestal foot with beading around edge. Cup sides extend upward in two tiers, with slightly flaring rim. Small curved handle edged in gold. Blue stripe on outer side. Blue stripe around cup's foot and shoulder area. Beading is repeated around scalloped edge of raised saucer rim. Round depression at center for cup is edged in blue border.


Creation Date: 1890-1930?

Catalog ID: 1969.41.24

Object Types: cup & saucer

Dimensions: Height 1.875 in Note: cup on saucer. Diameter 5 in Note: saucer

Related Subjects: food service T&E decorative art floral motif wreath fleur-de-lis