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Collection Item 21523

The boy and girl delegates of the Thurston County 4-H club and a few adults are posed outdoors, standing in 4 rows, at Pullman, WA, possibly at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America camp weekend. (See photo 1992.47.48) The names of several those in photo are written on reverse, without location given. Bruce Brackett is at left end of front row, and Mrs. George A. Brackett is at the left end of the next row to the top.


Creation Date: 1929

Catalog ID: 1992.47.49

Call Number: 1992.47.49

Object Types: print, photographic

Dimensions: Image height 4.25 in . Image width 6.75 in

Related Subjects: Whitman County, Pullman, WA, Pullman event, 4-H club, woman, child, boy, girl, Charles Curtis, George Hindman, Bernice Lyons, Dorothy Lee, Erna Bonney, Blanche Shearer, Dorothy Weil, Viola Bush, Nellie Nye, Merle Martin, Mrs. A. Rutledge, Dorothy Brown, Virgil Nostrand, Harriett Lee, Thelma Pearson, Bruce Brackett, Mrs. George A. Brackett, Thurston County, delegate