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Japanese Girls at 1st Presby. Ch.

View of 10 Japanese-American girls, wearing kimonos and holding unfolded fans, posing standing outside the First Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA, in front of 3 narrow stained glass windows. Two more kimono clad girls kneel in front of the group with musical instruments on their laps. A kimono clad Caucasian woman stands in the middle of the group.


Creation Date: Feb. 8, 1928

Catalog ID: 1957.64.B18051

Call Number: 1957.64.B18051

Object Types: print, photographic

Creator: Marvin D. Boland

Dimensions: Image height 8 in . Image width 10 in

Related Subjects: Pierce County, Tacoma, WA, First Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church, woman, girl, Japanese in Washington, kimono, fan, folding, instrument, musical, musician, windowpane, leaded, child