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Carlton Hotel & Staff - May - 1913, Property Ernest O. Jensen

The 20 member staff of the Carlton Hotel, Tacoma, WA, owned by Ernest O. Jensen, is posed in a single row in front of the Carlton Hotel. The staff includes 5 women wearing different styles of aprons, presumably maids and waitresses, men presumably chefs and waitors, several men in suits, and 2 boys, wearing knickers, holding possibly packages under their arms. An automobile is partially visible behind the boys. The name of the Carlton Hotel is on the building and window behind the staff. Also the name Carlton Cafe is on the window.


Creation Date: May, 1913

Catalog ID: 2004.0.108

Call Number: 2004.0.108

Object Types: print, photographic, print, panorama

Dimensions: Image height 7.5 in . Image width 19 in

Related Subjects: Pierce County, Tacoma, WA, Carlton Hotel, Ernest O. Jensen, maid, chef, worker, hotel, boy, child, woman, waitress, Carlton Cafe, knickers