[suffrage banner]

Suffrage banner made by the H.W. Anness & Co., New York, 1900-1915. Used in New York State by Edith Holbrook Lee Keith and her daughters Margaret Lee Keith, Alice Lee Keith, and Henrietta Keith, 1900-1915. Machine stitched. Made of loosely woven yellow cloth (wool?; linen?) with black wool letters sewn on both sides. Attached to one side is white canvas band with brass grommets at top and bottom.


Creation Date: 1900-1915

Catalog ID: 1991.46.1

Object Types: banner

Creator: H.W. Anness & Co. New York City, NY

Dimensions: height 60.125 in . Width 36.25 in

Related Subjects: voting suffrage Woman Suffrage Party suffrage, women's