Color Combination - C-102

Manila folder titled, "Color Combination - C102", containing four samples of product models for 12 fl. oz. cans in which Rainier beer is sold through Sicks' Seattle Brewing & Malting Co. Four examples included are: pink/silver (#C-1 peppermint pink); green/silver (#C-9 seafoam green); red/silver (#C-17 terracotta red); and, purple/silver (#C-19 deep magenta). Green and red examples have line drawings of Paul Bunyon and ox, totem pole, loggers and logging activities, tipis and Indians. Pink example has line drawings of waterfall, Kalakala ferry in front of Seattle skyline, Tacoma Narrows bridge, cowboy on horseback, map of western states, and person skiing. Purple example has drawings of games being played, including, chess, bowling, cards, badminton, piano playing, horseshoes, billiards, and Scrabble.


Creation Date: 1940-1960

Catalog ID: 1999.63.186

Object Types: model, product

Dimensions: Length 11.75 in . Width 9.5 in Note: including tab

Related Subjects: Sicks' Seattle Brewing & Malting Co. Rainier Brewing Company advertising Paul Bunyon mountain Tacoma Narrows Bridge waterfall desert cowboy skiing pole, totem logging tipi tree building Smith Tower M.V. Kalakala cowboy horse cactus Seattle skyline map sailboat horseshoe bowling chess piano billiards game Mount Rainier