Apple Orchard Harvest near Pullman, Wash.

Black and white, close cellulose nitrate negative image of harvest workers in an apple orchard near Pullman, Whitman County, WA, ca. 1912. The rear of a flat bed farm wagon, loaded with crates of apples, is visible in image center. The driver of the team of horses, which are visible from the rear, turns to look at the photographer. The harvest workers, 7 men and 1 woman, are standing by the truck, with one man perched on top of a ladder near the truck, looking at the photographer. Four of them are wearing apple picking bags. Full crates of apples are in diagonal rows of 6 or 7 boxes, on either side of the dirt road in the foreground. Apples are visible on the trees on either side of the road.


Creation Date: ca. 1912

Catalog ID: 2014.0.471

Call Number: 2014.0.471

Object Types: negative, cellulose nitrate

Dimensions: image height 4 in . image width 6 in

Related Subjects: apple orchard Pullman, WA Whitman County harvest worker woman bag, fruit picking crate, apple crate, fruit-picking team, horse wagon, farm apple tree, apple