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Placard made from a piece of cardboard, painted in yellow, red, green, and black. Made by a homeless person to solicit money. At the top are yellow circles on a red background and the words "please help/hungry/homeless. In the center are a brown figure with green wings and two buildings outlined in red. In this section, the words are "love is the answer/homelss/be my neig[h]bor/hunger hurts/we all need help we all need each other/ please help/jobless." At the bottom are the words "please help/broke" in black on a red background. The homeless person was in front of the Red Apple store in the Wallingford District of Seattle.


Creation Date: 1995-1996

Catalog ID: 2004.3.1

Object Types: placard

Dimensions: Height 23 in . Width 20.5 in

Related Subjects: homelessness, hunger, angel, building, joblessness, Begging