[carton for Trout cherries]

Product shipping/storage carton (parts a: box; b) lid) for 8 2 1/4 lb. bags of sweet cherries packed by the Apple House, inc., Brewster, WA and distributed by Chelan Fresh Marketing, Chelan, WA, 2011-2012. Made of white cardboard. Box (a) has no decoration. Slit holes on long sides for air circulation. Lid fits snugly over box and covers sides. Slit holes on sides correspond to those in box. Rectangular hand holes on each side of lid. Lid made of white cardobard with red and black print. On top the left side of box is red with illustration of pair of large white cherries on stems with leaf. Name printed on right side. Long sides of box similarly decorated. On white section, there is a pair of red cherries with stems and leaf. At center of long side is black/white illustration of a trout.


Creation Date: 2011

Catalog ID: 2012.48.85

Object Types: crate, fruit-picking

Creator: Chelan Fresh Marketing The Apple House Inc.

Dimensions: height 6 in . length 17 in . width 13.125 in

Related Subjects: The Apple House Inc. cherry fruit industry trout