[litter bag]

Litter bag distributed by Shelton, WA and the Mason County Recycling Program, 2012. Rectangular, made of white opaque plastic, with one open end. Hole at top through both sides serves as a handle. Printed on one side is cartoon illustration of a boy digging in sand at a beach, with water nearby. Around him are things left at the beach, including soda pop cans, bottles, cigarette butts, shoes, banana peel, spray bottles, apple core, and seashells. In the water is a fish, toy sailboat, coathanger, jar, can, bicycle wheel, and sewage (?). Printed in black print below is name of recycling program and telephone numbers to call. In section surrounded by cartoon is list of items and amount of time it takes to decompose.


Creation Date: 2012

Catalog ID: 2012.113.21

Object Types: bag, litter

Creator: Mason County Recycling Program Shelton, WA

Dimensions: height 12 in . width 9 in

Related Subjects: recycling garbage beach child Mason County Recycling Program Shelton, WA cartoon