[Miniature building for a Moravian Christmas putz]

Miniature building from a Moravian Christmas putz , ca. 1915-1930; made by Roland Borhek and Bud Borhek. Made of thin pieces of wood (apple crate wood). Building in shape of church with tower and tall steeple at front. Curved door at front above steps in bottom of steeple. Sides of building and tower are painted white; pitched roof and steeple are painted red. Clock mounted below steeple, along with green window. Curved windows on either side of building. On proper left side are three windows made of textured gold-colored glass. On proper right side, windows are also made of same material but covered with white and gold paper with geometric designs. Bottom is open showing wiring for lighting of structure. .


Creation Date: ca. 1915-1930

Catalog ID: 2013.167.2

Object Types: miniature, building, ornament, Christmas

Dimensions: Height 14.5 in . Length 11.5 in . Width 6.375 in

Related Subjects: Christmas Moravians in Washington church Roland Borhek family putz