[Miniature building for a Moravian Christmas putz]

Miniature building from a Moravian Christmas putz , ca. 1915-1930; made by Roland Borhek and Bud Borhek. Made of thin pieces of wood (apple crate wood). Building in shape of a mill (a) with separate waterwheel (b). Building is almost square and has a high, steep pitched roof with gables on either side. A larger gable has a red glass window. Other windows are shuttered. Below red window on lower sextion is large opening for door. Small rectangular windows are on all four sides. Extending out from one side is post that holds the water wheel that is on a triangular stand. Waterwheel made of a round piece of metal, similar to a washer with spokes at center. and cutout areas along outer edge. It is painted black. A metal rod extends through its center. House is painted an olive green with white brick fea tures on front and one side. Bottom is open, showing wiring for lighting of structure.


Creation Date: ca. 1915- 1930

Catalog ID: 2013.167.1

Object Types: miniature, building, ornament, Christmas

Dimensions: Height 11.125 in . Width 11.5 in Note: including post for waterwheel. Depth 7.5 in

Related Subjects: Christmas Moravians in Washington mill, grist Roland Borhek family putz