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The Four Points of Washington II

The Four Points of Washington II is a collaborative effort by the Washington State Historical Society and members of the public to present a broad range of digital photography illustrating the rich diversity of our state. 18 sets of gallery images (four per gallery) show the same location in Washington State at four different time periods; the same location from four different camera perspectives; or represent photographer viewpoints looking in four directions from one location. Entries date from the past five years, between 2008 to 2013, and are archived as part of the WSHS permanent collections at WSHRC in Tacoma, WA. List of digital photography sets attached as related media file.


Creation Date: 2008-2013

Catalog ID: 2013.5.24

Object Types: disk, compact-ROM, photograph, digital, file, electronic

Dimensions: Size 507 MB Note: 72 files on CD-R

Related Subjects: Four Points of Washington project, photograph, digital, Washington State