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[Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop]

Photograph of Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop, Columbia Street, Olympia, WA, Thurston County. The shop is a one-story clapboard building with a storefront. The storefront window is painted with the words "Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop". Other signs read "Fred Levee Motor Bicycle Repair Shop," "Excelsior Auto-Cycle/Speedy-Reliable-Simple-Comfortable-Clean," and "Auto Hire." Two men stand outside the shop, next to two bicycles. One man has a cap and a jacket, trousers and vest. His hands are in his pockets. The other man is wearing a homburg hat and an overcoat. One bicycle is leaning against the building, and the other is propped on a stand. To the right of the photo is an automobile, with a third figure visible behind it. The front of the automobile has a small sign reading For Hire hanging on its grate. A sign reading Drifted Snow Flour is hanging on the building. To the left of the bicycle building is a two story clapboard building. Its doorway has the number 403 on it. A tattered retractable awning hangs over both entryways. Part of a window can be seen with large bags, possibly of flour, stacked and visible behind it. Robert Esterly, photographer


Creation Date: ca. 1914

Catalog ID: 2010.149.14.1

Object Types: negative, glass-plate

Creator: Robert Esterly

Dimensions: image height 4 in . image width 6.5 in

Related Subjects: Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop bicycle Olympia, WA Thurston County Fred Levee Excelsior Auto-Cycle automobile automobile rental sack, flour Drifted Snow Flour awning