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[Van Eaton Grocer]

Photograph of the Charles J. Van Eaton Grocery store, 326 4th, Olympia, WA, Thurston County. It is in a multistory brick building with stone pediments. There are two tall storefront windows with a central tall doorway. The words Van Eaton and Grocer are painted on the storefront windows, behind which we can see produce in the windows and also cans stacked on shelves. A retractable awning is over the front. Seven men and a little girl are posed on the paved sidewalk in front. From left to right: 1) a man with an overcoat with a velvet trim collar; he has a cigar in his mouth; 2) a slender, older man with a dark overcoat and hat; 3) a man in long duster-type coat with white cap, and an envelope in his hand; 4) a middle-aged man with a dark suit, white shirt and tie, and a hat, holding paper in his hand; 5) a small girl dressed in a fancy coat with fur trim and a fur muff; 6) a man dressed in outdoor wear with a hat and rough boots; 7) an older man with overcoat and hat and a beard; and 8) a middle aged man with homburg hat and a suit. The building is on a corner and the paved sidewalk extends along the street to the right of the building. A pile of snow may be visible in the distance. To the left of the building is a pharmacy. We can see storefront windows, and signs reading Drugs, and [pha]rmac[y]. There is also a retractable awning over the pharmacy. Robert Esterly, photographer


Creation Date: ca. 1914

Catalog ID: 2010.149.19.2

Object Types: negative, glass-plate

Creator: Robert Esterly

Dimensions: image height 4 in . image width 6.5 in

Related Subjects: Charles Van Eaton Olympia, WA Thurston County grocery pharmacy muff Fourth Avenue (Olympia) awning produce