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A Christmas Greeting from the State of Washington - Olympia

Reproduction of a drawing or engraving by Edward Lange, mounted on card stock. The image is an idealized view of the city of Olympia, WA, Thurston County, looking from west to east over Budd Inlet. West Olympia is in the foreground. A stream with a broad outlet (probably Schneider Creek) empties into Budd Inlet. A road crosses the stream, leading to a barn. A wheelbarrow is parked in front of the barn. Another structure, possibly a cowshed, is to the side of the barn. A road stretches along the west side of the inlet and over the stream. Coming along the road is a horse and buggy, and a trolley. On the other side of the street is a residential structure, possibly an idealized version of the homestead of Konrad and Albertina Schneider. A porch is on the north side of the residence, and there is an ell extending from the southern side. There is a circular driveway, and a garden on the north side of the residence. On the inlet side of this residence a railroad track, the Port Townsend and Southern, runs on pilings over the water. Two trains are approaching each other on the tracks, one from the north and one from the south. In mid-distance is the Fourth Avenue (Long) bridge, connecting West Olympia from Olympia. Buildings are built on top of the bridge. The City of Olympia is in the distance. We can see the old (original) Capitol building, the Olympia hotel, and several other commercial and residential buildings. The Northern Pacific track runs along the waterfront of the Deschutes Estuary, with a train running along it. Towering over the city are two mountains. These are misplaced depictions of Mount Rainier and another mountain, possibly intended to be Mount St. Helens. There are several ships on the waters of Budd Inlet. "Mt. Rainier" and "Tumwater" are identified on the image. Ca. 1895.


Creation Date: ca. 1895

Catalog ID: C1982.18.30.36

Call Number: C1982.18.30.30

Object Types: print, photographic

Creator: Edward Lange

Dimensions: Image height 4.5 in . Image width 7.75 in . overall height 6 . overall width 8.85

Related Subjects: Olympia, WA Budd Inlet Mount Rainier Tumwater, WA train Thurston County Edward Lange transportation panoramic view Mount Saint Helens trolley track, railroad Schneider Creek barn Port Townsend Southern Railway Fourth Avenue bridge Deschutes Estuary Northern Pacific Railway Old State Capitol Building Olympia Hotel