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[mechanical figure used in Frederick & Nelson Department Store displays]

Mechanical figure used in Frederick & Nelson Department Store window displays during the Christmas season, 1940-1970? Automated figure is of young male figure in clothing of Charles Dickens era. Figure is slightly leaning over a hurdy gurdy or street organ. Figure wears long red cloth with wide cape and black cuffs with white lace at hem, black pants, black shoes, and black top hat decorated with a gold ribbon. Pair of large gold flat buttons on front of coat are held in place with long pins. Figure made of wood covered with plaster (possibly a small commercial mannequin). Figure's face is handpainted. Face has turned up nose, closed mouth and exaggerated pink cheeks. Added hair made of long strands of black yarn. Top hat has wide brim with upturned sides. Musical instrument made of wood and painted olive green. It sits on single leg which is painted gold. Hand crank on right side. Front is decorated with curlicue design of silver glitter and sequins. Added gold flame like form on right side. Raised rectangular section on top is decorated with gold trim and green felt cut into heart and leaf shapes. Drum is round. Sides are decorated along bottom with large red felt triangles with gold trim. Smaller triangles extend from top and are green. Electric cord is fitted through hole in back.


Creation Date: 1940-1970?

Catalog ID: 2013.177.2

Object Types: figure, mechanical

Dimensions: Height 56 in Note: app.. Width 25.75 in Note: app. width to include extension of instrument on left side. Depth 24 in Note: diameter of drum

Related Subjects: Frederick & Nelson Department Store Christmas piece, display Public Entertainment Devices hurdy-gurdy organ, street drum Charles Dickens