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[Main Street, Olympia]

Photograph of a wide dirt street identified as Main Street (now Capitol Way), Olympia, W.T., Thurston County, taken from 6th Avenue (Legion Way) looking north. Along the visible right side of the street are a series of two-story wooden buildings. Some are identified in the subject field of this record. A wooden sidewalk extends along the front of them. A man is sitting in a buggy in front of one of the houses. In the middle distance is a building with the word hardware on a sign. In the far distance are two flagpoles.


Creation Date: Mar. 3, 1876

Catalog ID: C2013.18.85

Object Types: print, photographic, card, imperial

Dimensions: image height 5.25 in . image width 7.25 in . overall height 6.25 in . overall width 8 in

Related Subjects: Grainger's Livery, Olympia, WT, Main Street, Capitol Way, Thurston County, Robert G. Stuart, Granger's Livery Stable, billy goat, Ouimette Dry Goods, Bertha B. Eugley, Katherine Eugley, Stuart house