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    Male Mask
    Creation Date: 1995-1996
    Catalog ID: 1996.123.8
    Mask, Male Mask, by Ron Hilbert, Tulalip/Upper Skagit, 1995-1996. Flat cedar board with small human figures carved in relief and painted on a black background. The men are singing and dancing, some have hand drums and there are two sqwedilich boards, indicating that this is the Winter Dance. A face is carved in alder and painted white with red spots is mounted on the back board. The spots probably indicate smallpox. The forehead is covered with a sheet of copper molded to the shape of the head.
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    [Puget Sound Salish (Tulalip) canoe paddle]
    Creation Date: 1870-1900
    Catalog ID: 1919.46.8
    Puget Sound style (Tulalip) man's canoe paddle, southern Northwest Coast culture area / Puget Sound Salish / Tulalip, 1870-1900. Handcarved of maple. The blade, transverse grip and upper portion of the shaft have been painted dark red. The transverse grip does not appear to be a separate piece. The shaft is rounded. The blade has a sharp shoulder at the shaft, and the blade has a distinct bulge in the middle, and a smaller bulge just above the tip.
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    [canoe paddle]
    Creation Date: 1890-1915
    Catalog ID: 1919.46.7
    Carved maple wood canoe paddle, Southern Northwest Coast culture area / Tulalip, 1890-1915. The blade, handle and upper portion of the shaft are painted dark red. The handle is carved in place and is not a separate piece of wood.The shaft is rounded and the blade has a sharp shoulder where it joins the shaft. The blade has a bulge in the center and a smaller bulge near the tip. Entry in record book reads: "Woman's paddle, Tulalip Tribe."
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    [canoe bailer]
    Creation Date: 1921
    Catalog ID: 1973.52.465
    Canoe bailer, Northwest Coast culture area / Coast Salish / Tulalip, 1921. Handmade of cedar bark and cherry bark. Length of cedar bark is curved and ends are folded at an angle. Ends are brought together to form support for a piece of cedar wood which serves as a handle. The handle is lashed into place with strips of red brown cherry bark. The lashings extend onto handle. Written in black ink on one exterior side: FOR / James A Wehn -sc- / Tulalip Indian Res. 1921
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    Female mask
    Creation Date: 1995-1996
    Catalog ID: 1996.123.4
    Mask, Female Mask, by Ron Hilbert, Tulalip/Upper Skagit, 1995-1996. Flat cedar board with human figures carved in relief and painted on a black background. They are dancing, many hold hand drums, and some hold tall dance wands. A female face of carved alder is mounted on the board. The face is painted white and there is a piece of metal, painted gray, covering the forehead. Pieces of a Pendleton blanket extend from the bottom of the face to the edge of the board, probably representing the woman's shoulders.
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    [Sculpture, mask on a pedestal]
    Creation Date: 1990-2000
    Catalog ID: 2006.123.2
    Carved wood sculpture representing a Northwest Coast style mask. Human face in light-colored natural wood with painted formline designs in black, red and blue. A bird's head and body extend from the top of the human head and are painted black. red and blue. There are three abalone shell inlays along the bird's back and five tufts of horsehair along the top of its beak. The human head is surrounded by a flat ruff of dark brown wood with carved formline designs and abalone shell inlays, edged with fur. The sculpture is mounted diagonally on a square wooden pedestal which is a stylized Northwest Coast bentwood box. The top and bottom are painted black and the pedestal itself is dark brown wood with an incised box design on two sides. Made by Richard Madison, Tulalip, 1990-2000.