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    Mischief Washington Apples
    Creation Date: 1958
    Catalog ID: 2017.88.6
    Call Number: EPH/634.11/N819m/1958
    One label, 22 x 26 cm., for Mischief Washington apples distributed by Northwest Wholesale, Inc., Wenatchee, WA, 1958. The dark red label has an illustration of a North American Indian woman wearing a very short Plains style white dress that accentuates her body. She holds a red apple in her left hand below the title, "Mischief". "Product of U.S.A. Contents one volume bushel". Ephemera
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    "The State of Washington and its Resources."
    Creation Date: 1946
    Catalog ID: 2005.0.102
    Call Number: MPAB/WA/1946
    Simple outline map of Washington State with colorful visual images depicting the major natural resources and tourist attractions, issued by the Washington State Apple Commission, 1946. Apples are prominently featured on the map. Richland is indicated by an 'atomic bomb' image. Brief descriptive information relating to the major resources is located at the right map margin. Large images of different apple varieties are located at the bottom of the map. The reverse side of the map provides apple recipes, harvest calendar, nutrition, and storage information.
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    Wenatchee Valley, "And they told him, and said, we came unto the land whither thou sent uss, and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it."
    Creation Date: 1906
    Catalog ID: 2019.2.122
    Call Number: EPH/979.759/W48a/1906
    One promotional booklet (19 p., ill., photos, 23 x 16 cm.) for Wenatchee Valley lands for sale from the East Wenatchee Land Company. Stamped 'Red Apple Real Estate Co., Orondo Avenue, Wenatchee, Washington." Illustrated with several photographs of prosperous homes and agricultural scenes. Many testimonials extolling the prosperity of the Wenatchee Valley, "the home of the big red apple, where dollars grow on trees". Edward Nolan Collection. Ephemera
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    Nuchief Washington Apples
    Creation Date: 1957
    Catalog ID: 2017.88.4
    Call Number: EPH/634.11/N883o/1957
    One label, 22 x 26 cm., for Nuchief brand Okanogan apples from Cooperative Growers of Okanogan, distributed by Nuchief Sales, Wenatchee, WA., marketing dept. of Northwest Wholesale, Inc., 1957. There is an illustration of a North American Indian child in a feathered headdress holding a large red apple in one hand and a tomahawk in the other on the right side of the label with a framed insert reading 'Okanogan Apples' with orchards and mountains on the left side. White or blue lettering on a dark blue background. "Produce of the U.S.A. Contents one volume bushel." Ephemera
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    Nuchief Washington Apples
    Creation Date: 1957
    Catalog ID: 2017.88.5
    Call Number: EPH/634.11/N883n/1957
    One label, col., ill., 23 cm. Fruit crate label for Nuchief brand Washington apples distributed by Nuchief Sales, Inc., Wenatchee, WA, 1957. Illustrated with a color photograph of red and yellow delicious apples with a framed inset illustration of a North American Plains Indian in a feathered headdress riding a horse and reaching up to pick a red apple from a tree, with Loop Loop Apples written above him. There are mountains and evergreen trees in the background. Witihin the frame is printed: "Grown by Malott Growers Union, Malott, Washington, U.S.A." "Produce of U.S.A., contents one volume bushel" is printed in the lower left corner of the label. Ephemera
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    Skookum Apple Varieties
    Creation Date: 1950-1969
    Catalog ID: 1994.0.388
    Call Number: 1994.0.388
    Color poster of varieties of Skookum apples. Illustrates 13 varieties, with a brief description of the color, flavor, uses, etc. of each.
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    Jim Hill Apples
    Creation Date: ca. 1935
    Catalog ID: 2017.88.21
    Call Number: EPH/634.11/F943j/1935
    One label (col. ill., photo, port., 22 x 26 cm.) for Jim Hill Apples from Fruit Sales Incorporated, Wenatchee, WA, in 1935. There is a circular insert of an image of James J. Hill in the upper left corner against a background of mountain peaks. The lower right corner has illustrations of three apples--two red and one yellow. Blue lettering against an off white banner and a dark brown background.
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    Flag Hill Mines Corp, Mines at Republic, Washington
    Creation Date: 1934
    Catalog ID: 2019.1.89
    Call Number: EPH/979.725/F596t/1934
    One booklet (unp., ill., photos, maps, 23.5 x 15.5 cm.) containing the Trustees Report for the Flag Hill Mines Corporation in Republic, WA, 1934. The first page lists the officers and directors and states that, "The directors wish to make a full report to stockholders, after the long shutdown caused by war restriction on men and supplies". The report discusses the geology and mining history of the area and presents current production information. Contains several photographs of the mine buildings and equipment. Center pages contain a map of mining claims in that area of Ferry County with a survey map of the Flag Hill Mines on the last page. Office was in Wenatchee, WA. Black type on off white paper with black and white photographs. Ephemera
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    Grand Coulee Dam: The First 50 Years 1933-1983
    Creation Date: Jul. 8, 1983
    Catalog ID: PAM/979.7065/W48G
    Call Number: PAM/979.7065/W48g
    64 page special edition newspaper magazine on the 50 year history of Grand Coulee Dam, published by the Wenatchee World.
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    Skookum Apples
    Creation Date: 1935
    Catalog ID: 2017.88.2
    Call Number: EPH/634.11/Sk55s/1935
    One label, 22 x 25.5 cm., col. ill. Fruit crate label for Skookum Apples packed by Skookum Packers Association, distributed by Northwestern Fruit Exchange, 1935. Label illustrated with drawings of red and golden delicious apples on a dark blue background and a Native American Indian with braids and a red feather in the lower right corner of the label. A small frame insert on the left labeled Lake Chelan brand shows a fisherman in a small boat catching a fish in a lake with snow-covered mountains in the background. This smaller inserted label reads: grown and packed by Lake Chelan Growers Union, Chelan, WA. One bushel, extra fancy apples, distributed by Northwestern Fruit Exchange. Ephemera