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    Heron St. Looking East. Aberdeen, Wash.
    Creation Date: ca. 1908
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.1.103
    Call Number: 2013.154.1.103
    Black and white, fairly close photographic image looking down Heron Street, a commercial street in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA, from one side of the street, ca. 1908. A woman stands on the sidewalk near the street in image left. The Rex Theater is behind her. A horse team drawn wagon is visible from the rear in image right. Two storey buildings are on the left side of the street. A three storey, and a five storey building are visible in image right foreground.
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    Looking east on Heron Street.
    Creation Date: ca 1910
    Catalog ID: 1999.35.6
    Call Number: 1999.35.6
    A view of Heron Street in Aberdeen, Washington looking from West to East.
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    Wishkah Street, East from H, Aberdeen, Washington
    Creation Date: 1940
    Catalog ID: 2015.10.64
    Call Number: 2015.10.64
    Black and white, fairly close photographic image, looking down the center of Wishkah Street, a business street in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA, 1940. Automobiles are parked on both sides of the street. They and a truck are in traffic in the street. Among the businesses on both sides of the street is a Safeway Store near image right edge. Canceled stamp and address on reverse. Edward Nolan collection
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    Fire Department Headquarters on G Street Destroyed by Fire, October 17, 1903, Aberdeen
    Creation Date: Oct. 17, 1903
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.4229
    Call Number: 1943.42.4229
    Black and white glass plate negative image of the leveled ruins of the Aberdeen Fire Department headquarters on G Street, destroyed in a fire, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA, October 17, 1903. Debris is organized into piles. Undamaged commercial buildings are in the background, including one with sign: California House. Behind them is the waterfront, and ship masts are visible. A horse drawn delivery wagon, and several wagon chassis are in the right background. Asahel Curtis
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    Herron Street, Aberdeen, Wash.
    Creation Date: ca. 1920
    Catalog ID: 2006.116.70
    Call Number: 2006.116.70
    View down the length of Heron Street, in a commercial section of Aberdeen, WA. Trolley tracks run down the center of the street. Automobiles line the streets, and some people are on the streets.
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    [Linnenkohl Exchange, 422 East Market St., Aberdeen, WA]
    Creation Date: ca. 1938
    Catalog ID: 2015.30.23
    Call Number: 2015.30.23
    Black and white, fairly close oblique angle photographic image of the fronts and sides of 2 store buildings of the Linnenkohl Exchange, selling new and used furniture and hardware, 422 East Market Street, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA, separated by a narrow open lot, ca. 1938. Signs on both buildings: Linnenkohl Exchange. Additional signs on building in image center: Furniture, Hardware; Linnenkohl's Exchange Store. Gardening tools are displayed in front of the store in image center. Small boxes are on the ground in front of the store in image left, and on the sidewalk between the 2 buildings. Edward Nolan Collection
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    Main Street in snow, Aberdeen
    Creation Date: 1924
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.926
    Call Number: 2004.0.926
    View looking down snow and slush covered Main Street in Aberdeen, WA,1924. A few automobiles are in the street. Commercial businesses along the street have signs, among them the Star Clothing Store.
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    [Street scene of a main street, Aberdeen, Washington]
    Creation Date: 1912
    Catalog ID: 1999.35.7
    Call Number: 1999.35.7
    Looking down a main street in Aberdeen, Washington. The Fairmont Hotel and Fairmont Cafe are visible in the foreground
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    Wishkah St., Aberdeen, Wash.
    Creation Date: ca. 1937
    Catalog ID: 2010.76.6
    Black and white ca. 1937 postcard image looking down Wishkah Street, a busy commercial street in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA. Several automobiles line the street, and are driving on the street. Several pedestrians cross an intersection with a traffic light in the background. Signs on businesses include: Kress, Safeway, Drugs, Western Union.
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    Funeral Procession, Aberdeen Wash
    Creation Date: 1923
    Catalog ID: 2001.100.8
    Call Number: 2001.100.8
    Scene of men marching in a line (funeral procession) on a street in Aberdeen WA at the McKay funeral. They carry a sign "Fellow Worker McKay Murderd [Murdered ] at Bay City Mill by a Co. gunman May 3rd 1923. A victim of Capitalistic Greed. We Never Forget?." A row of homes and a church are visible and three young children sit outside on a porch to observe the procession. See photos 1985.30.1, 2001.100.9 and 10. Edward Nolan collection.