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    The workingmen still alive : the "Chinese Evening Circular" will eat crow
    Creation Date: 1884
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.138
    Call Number: EPH/979.778031/W893/1884
    Single sheet (19.5x14 cm.) announces meeting at Mechanics' Hall for "business of great importance." Date (April 12, 1884) hand written in pencil. Re. Chinese in Washington Territory. Edward N. Fuller Collection.
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    Permission is hereby granted [J.A. Loggie] to pass to and from his place of business until further orders
    Creation Date: 1886
    Catalog ID: 1996.120.3.12
    Call Number: EPH/979./777241/M58p/1886
    1 sheet; 8.6 cm.; ''J.A. Loggie,'' ''good for 24 hours,'' and signed ''S.W. Scott'' Issued during the anti-Chinese riots in Seattle in attempt to quell the unrest.
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    The president of the United States of America: a proclamation
    Creation Date: Nov. 7, 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.49
    Call Number: EPH-A/979.778031/C599p/1885
    handbill, 1 sheet; 25.5 cm.; A presidential proclamation from Grover Cleveland, empowering Washington Territorial Governor [Watson C. Squire] to institute martial law during Anti-Chinese Riots, November 7, 1885. From the Edward Fuller Collection of ephemera.
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    The Chinese must go!
    Creation Date: 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.50
    Call Number: EPH/979./778031/C333ch/1885
    1 sheet; 26.5 cm.; Broadside has been trimmed; Note in Fuller's hand noting Knights of Labor chalk inscription on Tacoma sidewalk, Oct. 11, 1885; Col. advertising sticker attached : ''Smoke Konigsberger, Falk & Mayer's Kree--5-cent--Kree best cigar. White International Labor Union!!!'' From Seattle Anti-Chinese riots in 1885. Meeting held at Yesler's Hall. Edward N. Fuller collection of ephemera.
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    Preamble and declaration of principles of the Knights of Labor of America
    Creation Date: 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.227
    Call Number: EPH-A/331.8833097/Or12pr/1885
    Single sheet (20x27 cm.), two columns, addressed "to the public." Verso consists of "extract from the Journal of United Labor." Dated 1885. Order of the Knights of Labor. Edward N. Fuller ephemera collection.
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    Great Anti-Chinese Mass Meeting
    Creation Date: 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.12
    Call Number: EPH-A/979.778031/An87g/1885 FULLER COLLECTION
    Single page, single-sided broadside by the Tacoma Anti-Chinese Committee announcing a mass meeting on June 3rd, 1885 at the Alpha Opera House. At the meeting "Able speakers will address the citizens of Tacoma on the Chinese question. Also the Committee on the habits and modes of living of the Chinese will make a full report of their labor, and submit a plan of organization for the action of the citizens." Edward N. Fuller ephemera collection.
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    The Chinese Must Go! Mayor Weisbach has called a mass meeting ...
    Creation Date: 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.4
    Call Number: EPH-A/979.778031/W434/1885 FULLER COLLECTION
    Broadside with inscription: "The Chinese Must Go! Mayor Weisbach has called a mass meeting for this (Saturday) evening at 7:30 o'clock [1885] at Alpha Opera House to consider the Chinese question. TURN OUT. Edward N. Fuller ephemera collection.
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    The Chinese Must Go!
    Creation Date: Sep. 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.3
    Announcing results of a mass meeting held in Seattle, Sept. 20th, 1885. They resolved to hold a congress in Seattle on Sept. 28th to formulate a plan for the expulsion of the Chinese, and that the labor organizations and trade unions meet to elect delegates to send to this congress. On the lower left corner of the broadside is a red, yellow and green sticker with white lettering that reads: "Smoke Koenigsberger, Falk & Mayer's/Kree 5 [cent] Kree/Best Cigar/White International Labor Union!!!" Edward N. Fuller Ephemera Collection