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    The Columbia Press
    Creation Date: Jul. 7, 1950
    Catalog ID: 1994.0.387
    The Columbia Press, pages 9 and 10. Containing an article (continued from page 1) on the 4th of July in pioneer Astoria. The article has handwritten comments and corrections from the author, including: "Why did the editor repeat "Orator of The Day" so many times, not so in my manuscript." Also contains advertisements, including: "Serve Columbia River Chinook Salmon Tonight!" by the Union Fisherman's Co-operative Packing Company.
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    Photographer Matt Mathson with wife and child
    Creation Date: ca. 1890
    Catalog ID: 2000.13.1
    Call Number: 2000.13.1
    Photo of Matt Mathson, with his wife and small child outside of his photography studio in Astoria, WA. A sign "M. Mathson, Photographer" is on the building. It appears that a large window composed of several small panes extends from a portion of one side of the building up into the pitched roof.
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    The land of better living: being, in fact, a truthful exposition of Astoria and Clatsop County, Oregon
    Creation Date: 1925
    Catalog ID: 2001.32.9
    Call Number: EPH/979.5/As88L/1925
    48 p.; ill.; 23 cm.; Cover title: Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon; Color. illus. front cover depicts fisherman with large salmon; Includes descriptive information related to small towns in Clatsop County. Issued by authority of the Astoria Chamber of Commerce. Ephemera.
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    The "North Beach" [ferry]
    Creation Date: 1927
    Catalog ID: 1995.68.6
    Call Number: EPH/386.66/Un3n/1927
    Illustrated card (15.5x9 cm.) advertising the "North Beach" ferry between Astoria, OR and Megler, WA, operated by the Union Pacific System. Includes details describing the ferry; verso contains summer timetables and rates. Effective July 1, 1927. Ephemera.
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    Distance chart
    Creation Date: [1939]
    Catalog ID: 1999.122.164
    Call Number: EPH/386.866/C723d/1939
    1 card, folded; ill.; Captain Edward J. Livingston (1889-1974) copy; Chart gives nautical miles between Portland and Astoria. Edward Nolan collection
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    28--Astoria, Oregon, showing Tongue Point in the distance. Davidson, Photo, Portland, Oregon
    Creation Date: 1878-1884
    Catalog ID: 1933.
    Call Number: 1933.
    Elevated view of Astoria, OR. Tall ships are in the harbor and Tongue Point in the Columbia River can be seen in the distance. Isaac G. Davidson, photographer
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    Dodge Brothers Works
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 1999.34.140
    Call Number: EPH/388.342/D664b/1921
    One paperbound booklet (23 p., ill., photos, 21x14 cm.) describing the Dodge Brothers Works, Detroit, MI. The frontispiece states its purpose as "to afford a better understanding and appreciation of the tremendous organization, equipment and resources necessary for the manufacture of good motor cars." Numerous photographs illustrate the manufacturing process from raw steel to assembly to final inspection of the completed automobile. The front cover shows several men working in front of large equipment that presses out automobile fenders with a multi-story building in the background. The drawing is surrounded by a border with the DB insignia in a circle at the bottom. Printed on the back cover, within a border, is Sovey Motor Co....Astoria, OR. Light olive green and off white paper cover with black. Espy Collection. Ephemera
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    We are drilling for oil in Astoria, Oregon
    Creation Date: [1920]
    Catalog ID: 1999.34.147
    Call Number: EPH/979.792/L953w/1920
    [10] p.; ill., map; 21 cm.; Map attached to inside back cover
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    [Shipwreck of Peter Iredale on Clatsop Spit]
    Creation Date: 1906
    Catalog ID: 1979.44.11
    Call Number: SHIP WRE/1
    photographic print, showing shipwreck of the sailing ship (bark) "Peter Iredale" on Clatsop Spit, 3 mile south from the mouth of the Columbia River, near Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon, 1906. Two men (identified in handwritten note as:" Mr. D. L. Halferty and Mr. Hardie" ) view the shipwreck from a horse drawn open wagon, while an third man stands next to the shipwreck holding a long rope. Recent copy print.
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    Shell finger-tip tours U. S. 30-91-97-395: Astoria to Cheyenne
    Creation Date: 1947
    Catalog ID: 1999.1.425
    Call Number: EPH/979.7067/Sh43s/1947
    31 p.; photos; 23 cm.