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    [Ezra Meeker climbing into Airplane]
    Catalog ID: 2009.0.431
    photographic print, depicting Ezra Meeker and 2 other men (assisting Meeker) climbing into or out of the cockpit of an U.S. Army airplane, the location is probably Vancouver, Washington and one of the men is most likely the pilot Oakey G. Kelley, 1924.
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    Dedication, Lieut. W.H. Slaughter Monument near Auburn, May 31, 1919.
    Creation Date: May 31, 1919
    Catalog ID: 2698
    Call Number: PHOTO-C PAN 2698
    Panoramic photo showing the dedication of a stone monument to Lieutenant William Alloway Slaughter, near Auburn, WA. The monument, with the inscription barely legible, is in photo center. Many men and women are posed around the monument, including 2 U.S. Army soldiers in uniform. Ezra Meeker stands by the Monument. Same image as Boland negative 1957.64 E1160.
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    [Ezra Meeker and Pathfinder Automobile]
    Creation Date: 1916
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.41
    Call Number: Meeker Photo Collection lot 137 folder 17 number 12
    photographic print, Ezra Meeker stands next to his Pathfinder automobile (automobile outfitted for camping) on a dirt road in a dry, barren area (exact location not indicated but possibly in Wyoming). Nearby, two women and one man stand next to another automobile. The man and women appear to have possibly been automobile camping or stopping to eat, as a large rolled tent or canape, bucket and other items are visible next to their automobile. Meeker's driver is present seated in Pathfinder. William Link, photographer, 1916. In 1916 Ezra Meeker made a cross country trip by automobile to document the route of the Oregon Trail and promote the construction of good roads.
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    [Ezra Meeker and Pathfinder Automobile in San Francisco]
    Creation Date: 1915
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.42
    Call Number: PHOTO-A 2012.0.42 Meeker Photo Collection lot 137 folder 13 number 1
    oversized photographic print, showing Ezra Meeker seated in his Pathfinder automobile in front of a large statue of a Native American on a horse at the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, California, 1915. The top of the automobile is down and two flags [Official AAA Good Roads flag and older United States flag with 13 stars] are mounted the front of the car. In 1916 Ezra Meeker made a cross country trip by automobile to document the route of the Oregon Trail and promote the construction of good roads.
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    Collection Item 67514
    Creation Date: ca. 1900?
    Catalog ID: 2002.0.346
    Kerosene lantern with round base with inward flaring side serving as fuel tank. Turning knob on one side. Trapezoidal frame holds cap with slightly domed, stepped top. Large round wire handle. U shaped springs hold blue glass chimney in place. Wire mount around top of chimney. Chimney has broad round ring just below rim.
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    Pioneers' picnic
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 2015.0.81
    Call Number: EPH-B/979.771/St54p/1917
    Handbill (41.5x30 cm.) announcing the sixth annual picnic of the Stillaguamish Valley Association of Washington Pioneers, to be held in Arlington, WA August 9, 1917. Ezra Meeker to speak on "sixty-five years of Washington life." Black type on pink paper with two photographs of Ezra Meeker. Ephemera.
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    Collection Item 28974
    Creation Date: 1905-1910
    Catalog ID: 1919.152.12
    Animal yoke (a) with two bows (d, e).
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    [Ezra Meeker Hops correspondence]
    Creation Date: Sep. 1, 1893
    Catalog ID: 1919.
    Call Number: Ms 2 Box 3 Folder 4
    Hops business correspondence, addressed to Mr. Meeker, [Puyallup, WA.], single page letter written by Richard Welch, Little Rock, Wa., dated Sept. 1, [1893], regarding the availability of hop harvesting work for "myself and a family of six".
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    [ox bow]
    Creation Date: 1905-1910
    Catalog ID: 1919.152.12D
    U-shaped piece of carved wood to fit over the neck of ox and into ox yoke.
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    Charles H. Ross papers
    Creation Date: 1913-1958
    Catalog ID: 1978.40.1
    Call Number: MsSC 116
    Charles H. Ross was born in 1851. In 1896, his parents moved to Pierce County, W.T. eventually homesteading in the Puyallup Valley. Ross attended school in the College Institute building in Olympia, and later Willamette University in Oregon. He also taught school near Tenino. Ross eventually became a rancher and a hop grower, and was in the real estate and insurance business. He was a member of the State Board of Horticulture, and helped establish the Western Washington Experiment Station at Puyallup. This collection contains manuscripts written by Ross on a variety of Pacific Northwest topics, including his Oregon Trail remembrance "Child of the Trail," as well as correspondence, photographs, and ephemera.