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    "Kamiakin: The Last Hero of the Yakimas"
    Creation Date: 1958, 1958
    Catalog ID: 2010.0.356
    Call Number: 970.2 K128s
    Book, biography of Yakama Indian Chief, Kamiakin, Yakima Indian Wars, and the settlement of the Yakima and Kittitas Valleys, by A. J. Splawn, third printing of 2nd edition, published in 1958, first edition published in 1917. Front jacket cover of book: colorful painting of Kamiakin on birght red background. Inside front cover includes photographic portrait of Andrew J. Splawn.
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    Kamiakin country : Washington Territory in turmoil, 1855-1858
    Creation Date: 2016
    Catalog ID: 2016.42.1
    Call Number: 979.7004/M595k2016
    192 page illustrated book (23x15.5 cm.) by Jo N. Miles. Publisher's comment: "...the story of Yakama Chief Kamiakin [who] led the tribes of the Pacific Northwest in an attempt [to] stem the flow of Euro Americans into that region in the mid 19th century by peaceful means and by force of arms. Writer Jo N. Miles takes a close look at the events during that period and the leaders on both sides of the conflict." Includes maps, bibliography and index. Published in Caldwell, ID in 2016.
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    Finding Chief Kamiakin; the life and legacy of a northwest patriot
    Creation Date: 2008
    Catalog ID: 2009.1.33
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/979.7004/Sc29f/2008
    A biography of a prominent chief of the Yakama Indians with illustrations, bibliographical references and an index.
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    "Le Play House", Ruins of the Atinam Mission
    Creation Date: 1917, 1913, 1913
    Catalog ID: 1917.113.1.180
    Call Number: 979.7 W737 c. 2, plate page 180
    Color photographic print, "Le Play House" Ruins of the (restored) Atinam Mission (Ahtanum Mission), Yakima Valley, Wa., color illustration published on page 180 : "The Canoe and Saddle" by Theodore Winthrop, published and edited by John H. Williams, 1913, 332 pages.
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    The Canoe and the Saddle, Adventures Among the Northwestern Rivers and Forests and Isthmiana
    Creation Date: 1863
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.97
    Call Number: 979.7/W737c/1863
    375 page book (19x13 cm.) by Theodore Winthrop consisting of a narrative of travel in Washington Territory in 1853 and on the Isthmus of Panama in the preceding year. First edition. Includes "a partial vocabulary of the Chinook jargon" p. [299]-302, chapters on Mt. Tacoma [Mt. Rainier], Kamiakin, and other subjects relative to Washington Territory. Published in Boston, MA in 1863.
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    In honor of Hol-Lol-Sote-Tote, Chief Lawyer
    Creation Date: 1930
    Catalog ID: 1997.86.42
    Call Number: EPH/970.3/In1 l/1930
    24 p.; ill.; 20.5 cm.; Published as The Whitman College Quarterly, Vol. xxxiii, no. 2, June 1930, upon the dedication of a monument in honor of Chief Lawyer. Ephemera
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    Indian war in the Pacific Northwest: the journal of Lieutenant Lawrence Kip
    Creation Date: ca. 1999
    Catalog ID: 1999.110.1
    Call Number: 973.68/K628in/1999
    157 p.; 20.5 cm.; Originally published: Army life on the Pacific. New York: Redfield, 1859. With new introd.; Includes bibliographical references and index; Col. ill. wraps. Appendix includes: official reports of Colonel Wright after the Battles of Four Lakes and Spokane Plains in 1858; accts. by Mary Moses & Kamiakin
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    "The Canoe and Saddle."
    Creation Date: 1913
    Catalog ID: 1917.113.1
    Call Number: 979.7 W737 c. 2
    "The Canoe and Saddle" by Theodore Winthrop, Published and edited by John H. Williams, 1913, 332 pages. Includes back and white photographic portrait of Theodore Winthrop, small line drawings, and a series larger illustrations depicting Winthrop's Northwest travels in 1853. (some colored).
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    Kamayakhen head Chief of the Yakimas
    Creation Date: 1855
    Catalog ID: 1918.114.9.65
    Pencil sketch on paper. Portrait of a Native American man, head and shoulders view. The man's hair is worn long and loose. Hea appears to be wearing a Euro_American style shirt. By Gustav Sohon.