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    [Great Northern Lunch Counter]
    Creation Date: Nov. 06, 1923
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.45799
    Black and white Nov. 06, 1923 copy print of the lunch counter section of the of the King Street Station dining room, Seattle, King County, WA, showing the long counter and several counter stools. Napkins and silverware are at each seat, and several bowls with pyramids of apples, and cake holders, with cakes, are on the counter. Three large metal hot beverage containers are on a stand behind the counter. Four uniformed waitresses stand behind the counter.
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    Dexter Horton
    Creation Date: ca. 1990-1900
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.203
    Call Number: 2011.0.203
    formal studio portrait, Dexter Horton, Seattle pioneer and businessman, ca. 1890-1900, signature of Dexter Horton appears below portrait, plate was most likely removed from a bound volume. Note: similar portrait published in the "History of King County" by Clarence Bagley.
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    Upper Snoqualmie Falls
    Creation Date: ca. 1893
    Catalog ID: 1979.45.24
    Call Number: 1979.45.24
    Scene of upper Snoqualmie Falls, showing a portion of the river bank on the right. In lower right corner is a string of dead fish, and a partial view of a fishing rod and reel.
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    Looking toward Wharf, Vashon, Wash.
    Creation Date: ca. 1908
    Catalog ID: 2001.141.1.5
    Call Number: 2001.141.1.5
    Scene of the wharf at Vashon Island, taken from land. Frame buildings are at the end. Horse drawn carts are on the wharf. A small boat at the wharf is mostly hidden behind adjacent trees.
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    North Bend Lumber Company Hauling Lumber To The Dry Kiln
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 1975.23.8
    Call Number: 1975.23.8
    Black and white ca. 1910 postcard image showing recently cut lumber being hauled away to the dry kiln. The hauling is being done by one man driving one work horse with two small carts carrying fairly large loads of lumber.
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    North Bend Lumber Company Mill Pond
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 1975.23.7
    Call Number: 1975.23.7
    Black and white ca. 1910 postcard image showing the North Bend Lumber Company Mill Pond. There is one bolt puncher or pond monkey standing on a log with a pike pole resting on his shoulder. There is a clearcut hillside in back of the pond..
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    [1889 Seattle Fire]
    Creation Date: Jun. 6, 1889
    Catalog ID: 1932.124.3
    Call Number: 1932.124.3
    View of a row of burned out buildings in Seattle after the fire of 1889.
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    [Card issued to F. Kalberg for drawing supply vouchers]
    Creation Date: 1933
    Catalog ID: 2009.155.2
    Call Number: EPH/338.542/K58su/1933
    Punch card (6x10 cm.) issued to F. Kalberg by work division of King County Welfare Board, to be "presented when drawing supply vouchers." Title assigned by cataloger. Black print on yellow. Issued in 1933.
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    [Intersection of roadway and alley, court exhibit Glover v. Richardson]
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: C1973.18.3
    Call Number: Photo A
    Photograph of an intersection, possibly in Seattle, King County. This photograph was taken as evidence in a court case. Both the roadway and the alley are unpaved. Logs and lumber are lined up along the roadway, which slants downward. Utility poles run along the alley. A vacant lot is stacked with lumber. Behind it is the rear of a one-story apartment complex, and another residence and taller commercial building can be seen. This is the same location as C1973.18.1, and C1973.18.2, taken from a different angle.
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    Upper Skykomish Valley, Images of America (series)
    Creation Date: 2009
    Catalog ID: 2010.1.1
    Call Number: 979.77779/C197up/2009
    127 p. illustrated book, with maps and bibliographical references, by Warren Carlson and the Skykomish Historical Society. Item consists of brief introduction to each section, followed by illustrations with extensive captions. Published in 2009.