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    Torch-light gudgeons, An address to the working cattle of the country
    Creation Date: 1886
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.9
    Call Number: EPH-A/324.217/M364t/1866 FULLER COLLECTION
    Four page pamphlet telling workers that there is nothing to be gained by supporting either of the political parties, that they just support the wealthy and their own leaders at the expense of the working man. Therefore, the workers should join a labor organization, such as the Knights of Labor, or the International Workmen's Association. The final page presents definitions of socialist and socialism. Edward N. Fuller Collection
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    Voorhees, the Laborer's Friend. Endorsed by the General Assembly of the Knights of Labor
    Creation Date: 1886
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.412
    Call Number: EPH/979.703/K748v/1886
    One page (23 x 12 cm.) handbill from the Knights of Labor endorsing Charles S. Voorhees and others as candidates for U. S. Congress in 1886. Black print on light tan paper. Edward N. Fuller Ephemera Collection
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    A. S. Farquharson reminiscence
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.267
    Call Number: MsSC 137A
    A. S. Farquharson was born in Boston, MA, ca. 1842. He attended Andover College, but left school to join the Boston Light Infantry in 1861. In 1872 he went to California, then to Washington Territory in 1875, where he settled in Tacoma. He invested in a barrel manufacturing operation at Puyallup and was, for many years, a staunch booster of that community. The reminiscence consists of seven undated typewritten chapters describing Farquharson’s early life and experiences, particularly in the Puyallup Valley, and encounters with Ezra Meeker, an early pioneer. There is also a lengthy letter written in 1917 from Farquharson to Herbert Hunt, the historian, recounting an incident involving Ezra Meeker and R.C. Sproule and vigilante justice.
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    The Chinese must go!
    Creation Date: 1885
    Catalog ID: 1903.1.50
    Call Number: EPH/979./778031/C333ch/1885
    1 sheet; 26.5 cm.; Broadside has been trimmed; Note in Fuller's hand noting Knights of Labor chalk inscription on Tacoma sidewalk, Oct. 11, 1885; Col. advertising sticker attached : ''Smoke Konigsberger, Falk & Mayer's Kree--5-cent--Kree best cigar. White International Labor Union!!!'' From Seattle Anti-Chinese riots in 1885. Meeting held at Yesler's Hall. Edward N. Fuller collection of ephemera.