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    America calls, enlist in the Navy
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 1960.9.40
    Call Number: EPH-D/940.3/Poster/1917/No. 16
    1 poster; col. ill.; 104 cm.; Rawes, p. 74; Ill. of Lady Liberty with hand on shoulder of sailor
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    [Collage of postage stamps in the shape of an eagle]
    Creation Date: 1914
    Catalog ID: 2015.81.1
    Framed artwork; three-dimensional eagle made of rolled postage stamps. This is the traditional style of American eagle with outstretched wings. It is perched on a shield with stars and strips and three arrows above it. The eagle's beak appears to be a natural bird's beak. At the lower left are the letters USA. At the right is the Goddess of Liberty (Lady Liberty) holding a torch. Her face is printed, probably cut from a magazine. Mrs. Erickson collected stamps for 30 years and and completed the collage in 1914 in Grand Mound, WA. She included many symbolic elements in this work. The eagle's tail feathers are 4 colors to represent the four seasons. The arrows symbolized peace with the American Indians. They are three colors to represent the days of savagery, the dawn of civilization and the civilized age. The five stars on the shield are gold to typify the sun and represent the five continents. It was displayed at the Washington State exhibit at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, CA in 1915. It was later displayed at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia, WA. The shadow box frame is quite deep and has plaster edging painted gold.
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    Fight or buy bonds: third liberty loan
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 1960.9.29
    Call Number: EPH-C/940.3/Poster/1917/No. 11
    War poster, titled, Fight or buy bonds: The Third Liberty Loan. Artist is Howard Chandler Christy. Published by Forbes, 1917. 1 poster; col. ill.; 76 cm.; Rawes, p. 209; Ill. depicts Lady Liberty with raised flag, with soldiers marching in background
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    You buy a liberty bond lest I perish: get behind the government liberty loan of 1917
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 1960.9.9
    Call Number: EPH-C/940.3/Poster/1917/No. 5
    1 poster; col. ill.; 76 cm.; Rawes, p. 199; Ill. depicts Lady Liberty aggressively pointing at viewer
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    USA bonds: third liberty loan campaign, Boy Scouts of America
    Creation Date: 1918
    Catalog ID: 1960.9.10
    Call Number: EPH-C/940.3/Poster/1918/No. 3
    1 poster; col. ill.; 76 cm.; Rawes, p. 210; Illus. depicts Lady Liberty in flag, holding shield, while Boy Scout offers sword bearing motto, ''Be Prepared.''
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    Old Heidelberg thou fair one (alt Heidelberg, du feine.)
    Creation Date: 1912
    Catalog ID: 1972.33.214
    Call Number: MUSIC/979.7781/OL10/1912
    1 score (7 pages, 35.5x26.5 cm.) for piano and voice, compliments of the Columbia Brewing Co., Tacoma, WA, 1912. Color illustrated front cover features beer label with Heidelberg castle and drinkers lifting beer steins; and Lady Columbia with beer keg and bald eagle. "Compliments of the Columbia Brewing Co."
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    The United States Centennial International Exhibition
    Creation Date: 1876
    Catalog ID: 1930.70.1
    Call Number: EPH-C/907.4/Un3u/1876
    1 sheet; il.; Various illustrations of industrial development border the certificate. Images include American Indian lamenting industrialization and ''Lady Liberty'' at top directing the activities.
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    [commemorative medal with portrait of Harry S. Truman]
    Creation Date: 1949
    Catalog ID: 1973.52.328
    Presidential inaugural medal commemorating the inauguaration of Harry S. Truman on January 20, 1949. Round, made of bronze. On front is decoration of small stars around the edge and at center, Truman in profile wearing a suit and glasses. The reverse side shows Lady Liberty holding a laurel branch in her proper left hand and holding her right arm upwards to indicate taking the oath of office. Behind the woman are silouettes of people and raised lettering inscriptions to her right and left. Collected by Seattle sculptor James A. Wehn.
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    [World War II Victory Medal]
    Creation Date: 1941-1946
    Catalog ID: 2001.113.14
    World War II Victory medal awarded to Jack Jay Peterson, 1941-1946. Round gold colored medal with embossed image of Lady Liberty on front and inscription on back. Attached by a ring to ribbon folded over a pin attached to back. Ribbon has wide red stripe at center with white/purple/blue/yellow/orange colored striping on either side.
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    [GAR lapel pin]
    Catalog ID: 1963.92.9
    Small, round lapel pin commemorating the Grand Army of the Republic. Scene depicted on surface is two soldiers shaking hands in front of Lady Liberty with kneeling woman and standing child between them. Flags on each side. Back section has image of what appears to be fireplace with pot suspended over flame. On surface: Grand Army of the Republic/1861-Veteran-1866