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    D. L. and S. Co's - Fir Timber
    Creation Date: ca 1900
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.503.8
    Call Number: 2004.0.503.8
    Photo of the bases of Douglas firs in a wooded area probably near Doty, WA. Lower height foliage is in photo right corner. A path or road is in lower left corner, receding between the trees.
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    Lewis County, Washington very cordially invites you to visit its exhibit...: see Lewis County before you locate
    Creation Date: 1909
    Catalog ID: 1999.81.31
    Call Number: EPH-B/979.782/A1L/1909
    1 sheet, folded; map; Includes description of economic opportunities and resources in Lewis County
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    Miss Hanna and Mr. Gorton before the water fight.
    Creation Date: 1915
    Catalog ID: 1999.120.7.133
    Call Number: 1999.120.7.133
    Photograph of Mountaineers at a mountain stream before beginning a water fight. The photograph was taken during the Mountaineers' 1915 outing around Mount Rainier.
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    [Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vader and dog Booster]
    Creation Date: 1880
    Catalog ID: C2013.1.1
    Photograph of an elderly couple identified as Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vader, probably from Lewis County, WA, and their dog Booster. Mr. Vader is sitting in a chair. He has a long beard. He is wearing trousers and a white shirt. Mrs. Vader stands behind him. She is wearing a dress with full sleeve caps and a full skirt.
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    [Lucinda Winston?]
    Creation Date: 1885-1910
    Catalog ID: C2016.0.171
    Watercolor portrait, head and shoulders, of an elderly woman identified as a member of the Winston family of Lewis or Grays Harbor County, possibly Lucinda Winston. She is wearing a dark dress with high collar and a bonnet covering her gray hair, which is parted in the middle.
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    Liquor raid at Centralia, 12-27-1927
    Creation Date: Dec. 27, 1927
    Catalog ID: 1957.19.270-995GL
    Call Number: 1957.19.270-995GL
    Glass plate negative taken on December 27, 1927 in Centralia, Lewis County, WA. A large group of men stand on either side of boxes of Rainier and Budweiser beer confiscated during a liquor raid.
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    [Little Squad Building, Chehalis Training School]
    Creation Date: 1913
    Catalog ID: C1993.4.2.1
    Photograph of a four story brick building, identified as the Little Squad Building, Chehalis Training School, Chehalis, WA, Lewis County. A two-story entryway with four brick columns is surmounted by a balcony. Sashed windows line the two visible sides of the building. In the foreground, on a lawn, is a fire hydrant.
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    Tacoma City Light: Proposed Cowlitz Hydro-Plants.
    Creation Date: May 4, 1950
    Catalog ID: 1998.62.147
    Call Number: MAPB/WW/LEW/COWL R/1950
    Overview plan and profile map of the proposed Cowlitz River hydroelectric power plants, south cental Lewis County, Wa. The proposed expansion of the Mossyrock and Mayfield Dams are shown in detail. Logging railroads, rivers, bridges, towns, national forest boundaries and electrical transmission lines are indicated. The rivers and adjacent areas to be covered in water are depicted in blue. Map was drawn for and issued by Tacoma City Light and dated May 4, 1950.
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    [Grant Gleason]
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: C1971.36.140.5
    Photographic portrait of two teenaged boys. One is identified as Grant Gleason, of Little Falls (Vader), Lewis County. The other boy's identity is unknown. They are in a studio setting. Both are wearing suits, are clean-shaven, and are wearing suits with bow ties.
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    [Mendota Coal & Coke Company mine]
    Creation Date: ca. 1912
    Catalog ID: 2010.26.1
    Call Number: 2010.26.1
    From the estate of Rosabelle (Pettit] Orr, who was born in Mendota in 1916. The photo is of a Mendota Coal & Coke Company mine in Mendota, Lewis County, WA. The three story building runs from the hillside to the railroad tracks.