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    [matchbook advertising Hargreaves and Orkney]
    Creation Date: ca. 1930 - 1955
    Catalog ID: 2016.24.101
    Matchbook advertising Hargreaves and Orkney, Yakima, WA, ca. 1930 - 1955. Cardboard matchbook is yellow, light green, red, and white with black and white print. On front flap is wide yellow horizontal band with alternating green, red, and white stripes. On back flap is advertisement for insurance with illustration of covered wagon with oxen and human figures with mountains and clouds in background. Inside cover is gray with black print. Four matches with red heads remain. Staple at bottom, on striker. Printed on front: ASK/ HARGREAVES & ORKNEY/ 16 North 2nd Street/ YAKIMA, WASHINGTON/ PHONE: 2-8558/ Close Cover Before Striking. Printed on back: ORGANIZED 1894/ OREGON MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO./ PIONEER MUTUAL OF THE WEST/ SINCE 1894/ OREGON MUTUAL/ FIRE INSURANCE CO./ McMINNVILLE, OREGON. Printed on top: "Save With Safety". Printed on bottom: Universal Match Corp., Portland. Printed on inside: When you buy/ Oregon Mutual/ fire insurance you/ SAVE UP TO 20%/ OUR OVER HALF CENTURY RECORD/ ASSURES YOU/ PROTECTION WITH/ SAFETY/ This saving is possible/ because we accept/ NO BAD FIRE RISKS/ No stronger or better/ fire insurance anywhere./ STANDARD NON-ASSESSIBLE/POLICIES.
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    [Oregon Railroad & Navigation exhibit promoting Washington and Oregon]
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 2020.2.137
    Call Number: PHOTO-A/2020.2.137
    View of an exhibit created by the Union Pacific Railroad and Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Companies promoting Washington and Oregon for settlers, ca. 1910. Exact location of the exhibit is not identified, but it may be Chicago as the photographer is identified as Frank M. Hallenbeck of Chicago. A large group of people are gathered in front of what appear to be mainly apples. Various items are framed and hanging above the displays, including a framed brochure "Walla Walla Valley, Washington" published by the Walla Walla Commercial Club and the Sunset Magazine Homeseekers Bureau in 1910. It hangs just above the "hing" in Washington on the left. Other framed brochures published by the Homeseekers Bureau for Mosier, The Dalles, and Newberg, OR hang above the exhibits. A large drawing of the Hood River Valley hangs on the right. Signs on the apple display on the left read: 'Walla Walla Valley apples won at the National Apple Show," and another reads, "Southwest Washington Development Assn., Tacoma Chamber of Commerce." Edward Nolan collection. Frank M. Hallenbeck, photographer