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    [Basket with lid]
    Creation Date: 1960-1995
    Catalog ID: 2017.74.11
    Round coiled basket (a) with lid (b). Raffia stitching over a bundle of unidentifed material. Fully imbricated with cedar bark. There is an elk tooth with a buckskin mount attached to the center of the lid.
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    [canoe model]
    Creation Date: 1940-1955
    Catalog ID: 1993.0.1461
    Canoe model, Southern Northwest Coast culture area / Makah, 1890-1930? Carved of wood and painted or stained black on interior and mostly plain brown wood on exterior. Bow has "wolf head" shape with notch below head and then another on neck. Stern is slanted, grooves extend down back of center of each end. On bow neck is a wide black band followed by a narrow one. On stern there is a series of short black rectangles on both sides.
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    [Basketry mat]
    Creation Date: 1886-1887
    Catalog ID: C1949.8.37
    Oval basketry mat; wrapped twining with cedar bark warps and inner wefts, bear grass outer wefts. The pattern has concentric bands around the center and at the rim with a serrated band between them. The colors are badly faded, but appear to have been purple, orange/red, and yellow. One of a group of 13 mats that James Swan ordered for Kate Stevens Bingham (six donated to WSCM). Makah.
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    Creation Date: late 19th century-early 20th century
    Catalog ID: 1944.109.66
    Quirt, Plains culture area, late 19th-early 20th century, Handmade and assembled of a piece of elk antler, commerically prepared leather, wool cloth, and glass beads. The handle of antler is light yellow with one side split to show inner antler. The lower end has a round drilled hole through which a piece of knotted worked skin is tied. The upper wider area has a drilled hole through which nails are placed to hold the leather in place. The upper section of the leather is wrapped in red wool cloth that is fringed at top. The remainder of the cloth is tied into place with tan color thread and loosely wrapped with glass beads. There are three rows of dark blue beads at center of light blue beads. The leather tapers to near point at the two ends.
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    Creation Date: 1950-1985
    Catalog ID: 2017.74.5
    Tumpline or burden strap, used across the forehead to support a load on the back. Plaited of unidentified plant fibers. The ends are braided to form ties. Quinault?
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    [flintlock musket]
    Creation Date: 1800-1840
    Catalog ID: 1916.57.21
    Parker, Field & Sons flintlock musket (a), ca. 1800-1840?, with replacement ramrod (b); converted by a Native American owner with addition of brass tacks around the end of the stock and along the fore edge. Made of brown wood (oak?), with brass serpent plate on proper right side. 60 caliber. stamped on right side: Parker / Field & Co. / 1864. Stamped on top of barrel: V 24 T (in G?). Small cartouche between the frizzen spring and bottom of hammer. The forearm has been cracked and previously repaired with staples and nails. There is a frizzen and hammer and pan on left side; it is missing the flint. Maker's mark for lock stamped on end. U shaped triggerguard and curved trigger. Parker was the maker of the lock, but not necessarily the maker of the musket.
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    [Bark beater]
    Creation Date: 1880-1920
    Catalog ID: C2018.0.172
    Carved wood bark beater, used to shred cedar bark. Long oval shape, flat on one side and cut off bluntly at the end. Round handle. Northwest Coast.
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    Creation Date: 1900-1930
    Catalog ID: 2015.0.181
    Round twined basket with straight sides. On the base, the wefts are spaced about 3/8" apart. On the sides, the designs are wool yarn in false embroidery. There are three black bands with rectangles in black, red and purple between them There is a band at the rim with two rows of black separated by a row of red. Eskimo, possibly Inupiat.
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    Creation Date: 1950-1975
    Catalog ID: 1987.25.64
    Round coiled basket. Shallow bowl shape with tall handle attached to rim. The coil is cattail (?) with raffia stitching over it. The design is a series of X-shapes made up of rectangles in purple synthetic straw (cellophane straw) on a natural raffia background. The handle is wire wrapped with natural and purple raffia and a synthetic purple material. A label with the basket reads: Oakville. Quinault?
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    Creation Date: 1880-1910?
    Catalog ID: 1993.0.2213
    Scraper, Northwest Coast culture area, 1880-1910? Bone curved on one side and flat on other. Tip is rounded with beveled edge. Upper end is carved on curved side. Between two bands is a small carved eye and small curved line indicating a beak like form.