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    Following the Nez Perce trail: a guide to the Nee-Me-Poo National Historic Trail, with eyewitness accounts
    Creation Date: c2006
    Catalog ID: 2006.35.1
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/917.96/W648f/2006
    xiv, 493 p.; ill., maps; 26 cm.; Includes bibliographical references (p. 455-471) and index
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    [Chief Joseph in ceremonial dress]
    Creation Date: 1903
    Catalog ID: 2016.38.9
    Call Number: 2016.38.9
    Black and white, close glass plate negative image of Chief Joseph, a Nez Perce man, on horseback wearing ceremonial clothing, taken at Nespelem, Okanogan County, WA , 1903. The image is in profile, with Chief Joseph's head turned towards the photographer. He is wearing a feather headdress, leggings, beaded moccasins, and holds a staff and a shield. His horse has a martingale around its neck, and a feather headdress. Spots of paint are on the horse. An otter skin hangs from the saddle under his leg. Edward Latham, photographer
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    I will tell of my war story: a pictorial account of the Nez Perce War
    Creation Date: ca. 2000
    Catalog ID: 2000.114.4
    Call Number: 973.83/T377i/2000
    122 p.; col. ill., map; 23 cm.; Includes bibliographical references
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    ''The treaty of 1855 has not been lived up to, and we have no faith that this will be lived up to'': the 1867 Nez Perce Treaty Council
    Creation Date: 2001
    Catalog ID: 2001.103.1
    Call Number: PAM/970.2/T71n/2001
    1 v.; tables; 28 cm.; Includes bibliographical references (p. 3-4)
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    A little bit of wisdom : conversations with a Nez Perce elder
    Creation Date: 1997
    Catalog ID: 2011.113.4
    Call Number: 973.049/Ax78L/1997
    217 page book (23x14 cm.) by Horace P. Axtell and Margo Aragon, 1997. "A James R. Hepworth book." First edition. Includes illustrations and [8] pages of plates. Book tells the personal story of Isluumts (Horace Axtell), a contemporary Nez Perce elder and spiritual leader. Inscribed by author.
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    [Judgeship appointment certificate: James Moses]
    Creation Date: 1889
    Catalog ID: 2001.1.27
    Call Number: EPH-A/970.3/Un3ju/1889
    certificate (26x22 cm.) appointing James Moses judge of the Court of Indian Offences at the Nez Perce Agency, Idaho, from September 1, 1888 to June 30, 1889. Affixed with seal and attached ribbons. Title assigned by cataloger. Ephemera.
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    The intermediary : William Craig among the Nez Perces
    Creation Date: 2010
    Catalog ID: 2012.1.17
    Call Number: 970.3/C164in/2010
    244 page book (22.5x15 cm.), by Lin Tull Cannell, 2010. Re. William Craig, who "tried to broker peace between native Nez Perces and newcomers from the East." Includes portraits, maps, and bibliographical references. Color illustrated front cover features tepee.
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    Nez Perce Homelands - Vignette
    Creation Date: 2003
    Catalog ID: 2005.22.2
    Painting on board in watercolor, ink, and pencil; a scene from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, October 10, 1805. Two corpsmen (one is probably Lewis) and an Indian are looking into the distance. The two corpsmen are wearing buckskin clothing, one has a pouch and powder horn over his shoulder. Both men carry firearms. The Indian has a skin robe (buffalo?) wrapped around his body, leaving his shoulders bare. His hair is wrapped with otter skin strips and he has several eagle feathers attached to the top of his head. He is carrying a fur wrapped staff with an eagle feather at the top. The landscape is a flat grassy plain surrounded by low hills.
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    Nez Perce Homelands
    Creation Date: 2003
    Catalog ID: 2005.22.1
    Painting on board in watercolor, ink, and pencil, a scene from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, October 10, 1805. Three corpsmen meeting a group of four Indians, all standing in front of three mat lodges. An Appaloosa horse is grazing next to one lodge. Two of the corpsmen (Lewis and Clark) are viewed from the back. They are wearing uniforms consisting of black jackets with red or white lining and red cuffs, buckskin pants, hats, and bandoliers. One man has a staff and the other wears a sword. The third man is dressed in buckskin clothing and a red cap, leaning on a firearm. One Indian man is talking with Lewis and Clark. Another man and two women are peering into the distance as though looking at other expedition members. All are wearing buckskin clothing with beaded or quilled decoration. The landscape is a flat grassy plain surrounded by low hills.
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    Jackson Sun-down (Sundown Champion rider)
    Creation Date: ca. 1916
    Catalog ID: 2017.2.122
    Call Number: 2017.2.122
    Black and white photographic postcard mailed from Ellensburg, Kittitas County, WA. Image shows Native American rodeo rider Jackson Sundown and his horse circa 1916. He is barechested and wears a beaded breastplate, loincloth, beaded boots, a blanket over one shoulder and feathers in his long black hair. Jackson Sundown (1863-1923) rode in numerous rodeos throughout WA and the Pacific Northwest. Edward Nolan collection