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    Creation Date: Jul. 17, 2006
    Catalog ID: 2006.146.252
    (Lake Quinault Lodge) Olympic National Forest, WA. View of lodge from front yard, partly shaded by trees behind. People seated in benches and chairs near entrance. Part of WPA Guidebook Project.
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    Map of the Puget sound Country; Western Washington and adjacent portions of Oregon and British Columbia
    Creation Date: 1936
    Catalog ID: MAPB/WW/PS/1936
    Call Number: MAPB/WW/PS/1936
    This map was published for the Black Ball Line Ferries. The routes for the Black Ball Line Ferries and other ferry lines are marked. The map also shows forest trails, and state parks. It includes a mileage index next to the map. The reverse side has descriptive material on trips that can be taken using the ferries in Puget Sound. There are also four small black and white photos of the area. The reverse side includes the front cover for the map when folded.
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    [Stream, Olympic national forest]
    Creation Date: ca. 1935
    Catalog ID: C1985.22.2
    Photograph of a forest and stream scene, identified as the Olympic Mountain Range, Jefferson County. Running down the center of the image, over rocks and boulders, is a whitewater mountain stream or river. Trees and shrubs line both sides of the river.
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    Catalog ID: 1993.26.13
    Creation Date: 1900-1950
    Catalog ID: 1993.26.13
    One cylindrical tin baking pan. Pan is hinged and opens into two halves. Clasp holds two sections together when closed. Sides are wavy in a series of evenly marked divisions. On one end there is a clear, rectangular, glass (?) window which would allow one to see how the bread is baking. There is a small metal handle attached to this same end.
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    [measuring cup]
    Creation Date: 1940-1970
    Catalog ID: 1993.26.35
    Blue and white enamel measuring cup with spout and handle. Measures twenty ounces or 500 grams. Maker's mark on bottom "Kockums/Sweden" with logo inside circle. Cup is mostly white with blue around rim and on most of handle. The measurements on the inside of the cup are in blue as well as the lettering on the front.
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    Discover--the national forests of Washington
    Creation Date: [ca. 1965]
    Catalog ID: 2003.3.194
    Call Number: PAM/979.7/Un3d/1965
    1 v.; ill. (mostly col.), map; 21.5 cm.; 2003.3.194; Includes two-page illus. spreads on Gifford Pinchot, Snoqualmie, Olympic, Mt. Baker, Wenatchee, Okanogan, Colville Kanisku, and Umatilla National Forests
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    [coffee maker]
    Creation Date: 1940-1970
    Catalog ID: 1993.26.41
    Red and black enamel drip coffee pot, 1940-1970. Includes red lid (b) with handle, removable black water and coffee baskets (c,d). Part c is the larger basket and part d is the smaller one. Lid fits onto pot (a) or largest black basket. Pot is red with handle and spout. Used on camping trips into the Olympics and mountain climbing at Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Mount Hood in the early 1900s.
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    Frontier Legacy: history of the Olympic National Forest, 1897-1960
    Creation Date: 1997
    Catalog ID: 1999.76.1
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/979.794/R674f/1997
    100 p.; ill., maps; 28 cm.
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    Catalog ID: 1993.26.9
    Creation Date: c1900
    Catalog ID: 1993.26.9
    White enamelware wash basin with blue stripe around the edge of top. Enamel is quite chipped on the inside. Basin is round, base is smaller in diameter than the rim.
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    "Mountaineers Flag Raising"
    Creation Date: Aug. 1, 1907
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.8401
    Call Number: Curtis 8401, album 95 p.69
    glass plate negative and photographic print in album, a group of Mountaineers are shown raising the American flag at a scenic camp in the Olympic National Forest Reserve, Aug. 1, 1907, Asahel Curtis, photographer. The group includes men and women (most likely members of the Seattle Mountaineers. The exact location of the camp is not indicated. However, the location is at a high altitude in the Olympic Mountains, as evidenced by the presence of mountain snow fields (or small glacier) visible just behind the camp. One of series of images related to Mountaineering expedition to the Olympic Mountains in Aug. 1907. Asahel Curtis