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    Land of the Quinault
    Creation Date: c1990
    Catalog ID: 2004.50.40
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/970.3/St74L/1990
    315 p.; ill. (some col.), photos, charts, maps; 28 cm.; Includes bibliographical references (p. 301-310). Photos by Workman unless noted.
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    [Canoes on Quinault River]
    Creation Date: 1896-1903
    Catalog ID: 1917.115.262
    Call Number: Morse 262
    photographic print and glass plate negative, showing four Quinault Indian men using paddles to navigate a canoe through the mouth of the Quinault River, Grays Harbor County, Washington, Samuel G. Morse, photographer, ca. 1896-1903.
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    Arthur Jackson
    Creation Date: 1896-1903
    Catalog ID: 1916.8.225
    Call Number: MORSE 225
    glass plate negative, portrait of a Native American teenaged boy (possibly from the Makah or Quinault Indian Tribe) identified as Arthur Jackson, dressed in European clothing. He has short hair and wears a textured jacket with a corsage on his lapel. Samuel Morse, photographer, ca. 1896-1903.
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    [teddy bear]
    Creation Date: 2013-2014
    Catalog ID: 2016.7.2
    Teddy bear made in China for Fiesta (Toys) and decorated in Quinault style by Quinault artist, Don (Oddball) Itterley, 2013-2014. Bear is made of light brown plush fabric and is in seated position. Bear has light tan snout with brown nose and light tan foot pads with brown marks, and short stubby tail. Bear wears a vest made of woven brown cedar bark. Vest is sleeveless and fits over neck so that a rectangular section is on front and back. Vest held in place with a strip of light tan leather. On head is a round hat made of woven brown cedar bark. It fits over ears to stay in place. The center of the hat extends upward into a short conical form with square top.
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    [basket with handle]
    Creation Date: ca. 1920-1960?
    Catalog ID: C1964.13.26
    Large round basket with handle, Northwest Coast culture area / Makah or Quinault, ca. 1920-1960? Handmade using tan color raffia in coiled technique using large fat coils. The flat base is done in a counterclockwise spiral. The sides are straight and are app. 5 3/4" high. The top edge is finished with diagonal stitching in red raffia. On the sides is a repeating design of a large stepped diamond form in dark blue, yellow, and dark red. Between them is a small star form in dark blue with yellow center. The handle is curved and is attached on two sides with red raffia at bottom. The handle appears to be made of wire and is wrapped in tan color raffia. At center top, a yellow ribbon is wrapped around the coils. Red diagonal stitched lines extend on either side of the top of the handle.
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    Creation Date: 1890s-ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 1915.3.63
    Basket, southern Northwest Coast culture area / Quinault, 1890s-ca. 1910. Handmade using twined technique and spruce root. The round base is slightly peaked. It is started with a knot around which twining spirals. At end is a raised wrapped line of alternating bear grass and spruce root. The remainder of the base is done in plain twine. The sides flare out slightly. There is an overall design of stepped vertical lines in overlay twining and in light yellow bear grass. The rim edge is braided with warps turned in. The rim edge is decorated with twisted root loops.
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    Creation Date: eary 20th century
    Catalog ID: 1987.25.28
    Small round basket, southern Northwest Coast culture area / Quinault (?), ca. early 20th century. Handmade and woven in coiled technique using raffia. The base is begun in a spiral technique. Sides are nearly straight. Rim edge is wrapped. The upper section is brown and lower is light tan, creating a triangle motif in both colors.
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    [hunting bow]
    Creation Date: ca. 1868
    Catalog ID: C1948.8.41
    Bow, southern Northwest Coast culture area / Quinault, ca. 1868. Handmade and carved of red brown wood and lacquered. It tapers at both ends and has triangular nocks. The center is slightly more wide. The bow is oval shaped in cross section. There is a narrow black painted band around center. The string is made of tan color twine that once had been twisted. There are loops at each end. At center is a tightly wound section that is about 2 3/8" long.
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    Quinault performance
    Creation Date: Aug. 17, 2013
    Catalog ID: 2013.5.20.3
    digital photograph of In the Spirit Festival at Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, WA, Aug. 17, 2013. Image of Violet Capoeman, Quainault Junior Princess, with Quinault song and introductions in the Quinault language.
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    [Authorization of treaty between U.S. and the Qui-nai-elt and Quil-leh-ute Indians]
    Creation Date: Jul. 1, 1855
    Catalog ID: 1917.27.1
    Call Number: EPH/970.51/B851au/1855
    1 sheet; 26 cm.; Title assigned by cataloger; Date penciled in: July 1, 1855