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    Sixteenth annual concert and dance: Masonic Temple auditorium, Saturday, October 28, 1950
    Creation Date: 1950
    Catalog ID: 2003.1.169
    Call Number: EPH/979./77724/Se18si/1950
    1 v.; ill.; 23 cm. + dance program; Includes photograph of band members; Contains advertisements for Seattle businesses
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    Seattle World's Fair souvenir programme book
    Creation Date: 1962
    Catalog ID: 2003.111.2.44
    Call Number: EPH/979./777191/Se18se/1962
    32 p.; 19 cm.; Cover title: ''Seattle World's Fair civic appreciation ceremonies''. Program includes world's fair dinner, appreciation program, christening ceremonies, and world premieres
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    President Roosevelt has spoken to the world for peace: Mass assembly in the City Hall Park at the County-City Bldg...
    Creation Date: 1938
    Catalog ID: 1963.161.3
    Call Number: EPH/361.23/P92r/1938
    1 sheet; 27 cm.; 1963.161.3; Endorsed by numerous trade unions
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    Collection Item 60580
    Creation Date: 1948
    Catalog ID: 2005.119.153
    Rectangular, purple ribbon identifying wearer as delelgate to the 1948 King County Republican Convention held in Seattle, WA.
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    Collection Item 55379
    Creation Date: Oct. 3, 1913
    Catalog ID: 1998.22.180
    Pink silk ribbon with green print. Photographic image of large building at top of ribbon.
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    Collection Item 21854
    Creation Date: 1910-1911
    Catalog ID: 1992.20.13
    Souvenir ribbon with decorative hanging bar/pin. Off-white ribbonwith image of lyre in circle at top, information re. Sangerbund on lower half. Pointed lower tip has silver metallic thread fringe.
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    Collection Item 37398
    Creation Date: 1905
    Catalog ID: 1992.20.24
    Commemorative ribbon with large decorative gold metal hanging bar with pin. Wide black/red/gold ribbon with gold print over gathered red/white/blue ribbon with round medallion with image of Roman soldier with sword hanging from it. Ribbon has gold metallic thread fringe. Attached on back is off-white ribbon with black print and image of minuteman like figure on dome with columns (Herman Memorial Monument). Image of figure on white ribbon; soldier only on ribbon, bar, and medallion.
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    Collection Item 76206
    Creation Date: Oct. 4, 1918
    Catalog ID: 1998.22.186
    Pink silk ribbon with green print. At top is image of a dove with olive branch under crescent with stars. Below is image of shaking hands.
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    Collection Item 82272
    Creation Date: Dec. 27, 2001
    Catalog ID: 2002.2.3
    Extra large size Fruit of the Loom "Lofteez" t-shirt. White, short sleeved, crew neck. Printed on proper left front chest is logo for newly instituted Seattle football event, the Seattle Bowl. Printed on back is large image of a football player throwing a fish above image of bowl, football helmets and names of collegiate teams involved in the first bowl game.
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    Collection Item 48844
    Creation Date: 1924
    Catalog ID: C1943.49.1
    Airplane message bag consisting of long strip of white cloth wrapped around a small bag filled with substance (sand?) and with small manila envelope attached on inside. Bag served as a weight to allow it to drop. Used on first airplane flight around the world, believed to be the 1924 attempt which began and ended in Seattle, WA.