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    "A New Map of America Exhibiting Its Natural and Political Divisions"
    Creation Date: 1823
    Catalog ID: 2005.0.357
    Call Number: MAPD/A/1823
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    Collection Item 14550
    Creation Date: 1914-1917?
    Catalog ID: 1947.5.14
    Single large seed, oval shaped. Bi-lobed, with rough surface. End of stem at one end; tapering end of lobes at other. Surface ranges in color from dark brown which is slightly rougher to lighter brown which is smoother.
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    untitled (figure of South American holding pot)
    Creation Date: 1950-1980
    Catalog ID: 1982.98.151
    Small carved figurine made of light-colored wood. Figure appears to be a South American woman (also could possibly be a man) dressed in large hat, long dress, and a cape with with a wide collar. She stands barefoot on a textured square base holding what looks to be a pot.
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    A voyage to the south Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean for the purpose of extending the spermaceti whale fisheries: by ascertaining the ports, bays harbours, and anchoring births [!] in certain islands and coasts...
    Creation Date: 1798
    Catalog ID: 1913.7.6
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/979.511/C713v/1798
    iv, [iii]-vi, xviii, 179 p.; front. (port.) 3 pl., 6 fold. maps; Compiled by William Combe from Captain Colnett's notes. cf. Dict. nat. biog., under Combe
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    Creation Date: 1914-1917?
    Catalog ID: 1947.5.4
    Bowl made of handmolded red clay and fired to harden surface and leave red/black surface. Cone shaped foot, hollow with two holes made in upper half. Round bowl sits on top of cone. Edges are curved and rim turns inward. No added surface decoration. Possibly a whistle?, Ecuador, 1914-1917.
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    Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. by Charles Wilkes, U.S.N.
    Creation Date: 1845
    Catalog ID: 2008.0.150
    Call Number: 979.511/W652na/1845
    Item consists of 5 volumes, with illustrations and 11 maps (incl. fronts.: v. 1, 4,5), 25 cm. + 1 atlas (5 fold. maps, 29 cm.). Publisher's notice: "...This edition...contains...the same type, page and reading matter, as the one in imperial octavo; the difference between them being in the quality and size of the paper; the substitution of forty-seven wood-cuts for that number of steel vignettes in the other; the omission of the sixty-four plates, and the use of eleven of the fourteen maps, four of which are on a reduced scale."
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    "Nieuwe Kaart Van Het Weftelykste Deel der Weereld....Naar Westindie"
    Creation Date: 1754
    Catalog ID: 2003.16.17
    Call Number: MAPB/A/1754
    Map of North and South America, including portions of the west coast of Africa and the western part of Europe, dated 1754. Published in Amsterdam. Text in Dutch. Major land masses are colored. California is indicated, but the remainder of the Northwest is shown as largely unexplored. A great river of the west (unnamed) is depicted as connecting to the Great Lakes.
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    "America: with those unknown parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of building described and inlarged by I. S. Ano 1626"
    Creation Date: 1626
    Catalog ID: 1975.14.9
    Call Number: MAPB/A/1626
    Colored and engraved early map depicting North and South America (Western Hemisphere), dated 1626. Smaller detailed insert at left shows Greenland and the surrounding North Sea area. A partial view of the western coast of Africa and Spain is also visible. Highly decorative border includes colored engravings of 8 cities of the Americas and 10 illustrations of Native Americans from various regions. South/Central America and the eastern part of North America are depicted in consideable detail. The North American western interior and coastal areas are shown as largely unexplored. The map is the first published source to incorrectly depict California as an island. Detailed description of America printed on the back of the map. The map was originally bound and published in the following John Speed atlas: "A Prospect of the most Famous Parts of the World," published in London, 1627. From Edward Allen Map Collection
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    Collection Item 53869
    Creation Date: 2000-2007
    Catalog ID: 2007.25.38
    Adult size, baseball style cap made in United States ca. 2000-2007 advertising S.D.C. Cap tan with gray visor. Crown divided into six sections with gray button on top. Wide visor with six machine stitched rows. Machine stitched on front in maroon is silhouette map of world with black outline. Stitched below: SDC. Stitched on right side in maroon: Asia/ Europe/ Middle East/ The Americas. Stitched on back: Serving the World. Imitation leather adjustment strap with brass clasp in back.
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    Collection Item 32742
    Creation Date: 1950-1970
    Catalog ID: 2000.176.330
    Boy's shirt, made of white embroidered cotton. Embroidery motifs are geometric bird, diamonds, and v-shapes in various colors: light blue, dark blue, brown purple, green, and red. Short sleeves; three white plastic buttons down center front.