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    After three years: a restudy of the social and economic adjustment of a group of drought migrants, Series in rural population ; no. 7
    Creation Date: 1941
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.368
    Call Number: PAM/305.562/L235af/1941
    Pamphlet reporting on social and economic adjustment of drought migrants after three years (36 p., 23 cm.) / by Paul H. Landis, 1941 No. 407 of bulletin series, State College of Washington, Agricultural Experiment Station.
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    Back to the farm: visit the Northwestern land products show
    Creation Date: 1911
    Catalog ID: 2006.5.30
    Call Number: EPH/385.063/B126n/1911
    1 postcard; ill.; 14 cm.; Illus. is image of exhibition hall, including sign, ''Grown in Wenatchee Valley,'' with produce display. Edward Nolan collection
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    Allen & Lewis wholesale grocers, White River flour price list,1908
    Creation Date: 1908
    Catalog ID: 1999.34.137
    Call Number: EPH/641.3311/AL53al/1908
    card, folded; a mailer addressed to ''Johnson-Henry Co., Inc. / Nahcotta, / Wash.'' Espy Collection. Ephemera. Postcard
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    Elisha N. Sarjent business ledger
    Creation Date: 1882-1883
    Catalog ID: C1985.14.54
    Call Number: MsSC 232
    Elisha Nelson Sarjent (sometimes spelled Sargent) (1827-1914) came West in 1849, landing first at San Francisco, then proceeding to the Puget Sound country, where he settled and farmed near Grand Mound in Thurston County. Sarjent established a flour mill on the Chehalis River near Centerville (Centralia) in Lewis County, probably in the 1870s. The collection consists of a single business ledger listing income and expenses, 1881-1882. Also listed are the income and expenses related to the settlement of the estate of Asher Sarjent (1807-1882), 1883. Also included is a handwritten notice offering Sarjent’s Centerville mill for sale, undated, but probably 1883.
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    [Farm near Tacoma, WA]
    Creation Date: ca. 1901
    Catalog ID: 2005.
    Call Number: 2005.
    Black an white image of a farm near Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. The photo shows open fields and buildings with mountains in the distance.
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    [Fruit Exhibit, Seattle?]
    Creation Date: Dec. 1915
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.33802
    Call Number: 1943.42.33802
    Black and white glass plate negative image of a display of Manson or Lake Chelan apples in a building at 1408 Fourth Avenue, probably in Seattle, King County, WA, Dec. 1915. Boxes of different colored apples are displayed in 3 tiers at an angle on a table against the wall in image right. Sign on wall above the display: Manson or Lake Chelan Apples. Five or 6 small tables in image left and center display apples in boxes or arranged in pyramids. Brochures are by an apple box on the table in image center. Other agricultural products are displayed in the background, but they aren't clearly visible. Sign on wall in background: 5 Acres Enough, 20 Acres a Fortune. Asahel Curtis/Curtis & Miller.
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    [Lincoln Flour Mill at Deschutes Estuary]
    Creation Date: 1860-1890
    Catalog ID: C2018.0.159
    Call Number: Photo B
    Photograph, enlargement, of the Lincoln Flour Mill at Tumwater, W.T. or WA, Thurston County, developed by Clanrick Crosby. In the foreground is the wide Deschutes River Estuary. Mill structures are on the far bank, including a landing platform, the four-story mill structure, and several other buildings.
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    [Tacoma Grain Company, Waterfront near North Fifth Street, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: Mar. 1920
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.324
    Call Number: 2012.0.324
    Black and white photographic image of men posing beside 7 cars parked parallel to each other, in front of a Tacoma Grain Company building, located on the waterfront near North Fifth Street, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, mar. 1920. The men from left to right: Mr. J. Strickland; William Creten; Mr. R.D. Lytle; Claude E. Curran, secretary-treasurer; Julian Odgers; Robert Ashton; Fred Sylvester. Some of the men wear work clothing, and some wear suits. Signs on side of closest car: Pyramid Flour, The Great Bread Maker; Tacoma Grain Co. Visible painted signs on building behind cars: Tacoma Grain Company; Pyramid. Sign posted on building: Do Not Park Autos in Front of This Garage.
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    Puget Sound Flouring Mills Co
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 2009.0.28
    Black and white, c. 1900, image of waterfront warehouses of Puget Sound Flouring Mills Co., Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. On waterfront between North 8th and North 9th Streets. A conveyer belt is on the dock by the building.
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    Columbia farina: all of the wheat without the husk
    Creation Date: 1904
    Catalog ID: 2003.1.149
    Call Number: EPH/979./77806/AL14c/1904
    Trade card, 1904. Col. ill.; 13 cm.; Trade card with Albers Brothers Milling Company advertisement on obverse. Front depicts two kittens looking through a hold in a fence. Flowers extend through fence. Verso contains ''I'll Tell Your Age'' game. Front advertises Columbia farina.