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    Street Scene - Yakima Wn.
    Creation Date: ca. 1940
    Catalog ID: 2006.49.1
    Call Number: 2006.49.1
    Street view in Yakima, WA, looking east on Yakima Avennue from the southeast corner of Yakima Ave. and South First Street. Among the business along the street are: Allen's Shoe Shop, Nathan's, Inc., Lee Semon Men's Wear. A Masonic Temple is in the background. Several cars are on the street, and a few people on the sidewalks are visible. A banner across the street in the background has the name Frank Miller, and other unintelligible writing.
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    Majestic (brand) Pears
    Creation Date: 1940
    Catalog ID: S1992.26.11
    Call Number: EPH/634.13/W277m/1940
    1 color illustrated fruit crate label (19x27.5 cm.) for Majestic Pears, distributed by Washington Fruit & Produce So. Published in 1940. Illustration features crown and regal robe. Ephemera.
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    Yakima Avenue, Yakima, WA
    Creation Date: ca. 1928
    Catalog ID: 2005.162.1
    View looking west on Yakima Avenue, Yakima, WA from the corner of Third Street. Among the businesses and buildings on far side of Yakima Avneue in photo right: MIller Building, Clogg Building, Ditter Block, Draper's Beauty Shop. Business on street side by left edge include: Keff's Cigar Store, Stoddard and Sexton, The Yakima. Automobiles line both sides of the street. A banner across the street in the background: Free Farmer's Chatauqua, Armory, June 20-21.
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    Pelican brand apples
    Creation Date: [ca. 1930]
    Catalog ID: 1996.58.40
    Call Number: EPH-A/634.11/P417p/1930
    1 label; col. ill.; Col. illus of pelican
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    Wide Hollow Brand Extra Fancy Apples
    Catalog ID: 1994.4.210.3
    Call Number: 1994.4.210.3
    Label for crate of apples from Wide Hollow Ranch, Yakima. Has depiction of the ranch, showing some apple trees and the barn.
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    Creation Date: [ca. 1940]
    Catalog ID: 1996.58.52
    Call Number: EPH/634.11/St12s/1940
    Fruit crate label, "Stadelman's," shipped by Stadelman Fruit Company, Yakima County, Washington, undated, ca. 1940, color illustration of several large red and yellow apples.
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    Books of the great Pacific Northwest
    Creation Date: [ca. 1965]
    Catalog ID: 1972.29.26
    Call Number: EPH-B/979.7551/F854b/1965
    1 poster; 37 cm.; Advertising books published by the Franklin Press in Yakima, WA, including three titles by Roscoe Sheller and one by Jack Nelson. Red and green print on yellow & white. Ephemera
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    [apple crate]
    Creation Date: 2009-2010
    Catalog ID: 2010.61.204
    Apple crate shipping crate manufactured by the Boise Co., Wallula, WA and used by the Sage Fruit Co., Yakima, WA 2009-2010. Rectangular; made of cardboard. Box made of brown cardboard. Lid exterior is white and decorated with large dark blue near square with abstract white sun design. Name of fruit company printed in large yellow orange letters across it. Illustration of a yellow orange apple below. Center of each box taped together with colorless, transparent packing tape. Illustration of red apples printed along one side of box. Carton contained 80 premium golden delicious apples, Wash. extra fancy. Printed on one end of box is note that chemicals coated with food grade vegetable and/or shellac based waxes may have been used to treat to maintain freshness of the product.
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    [Key card for Ledgestone Hotel, Yakima, WA]
    Creation Date: 2009
    Catalog ID: 2009.4.6
    Key card for Ledgestone Hotel, Yakima, WA, 2009. Made of rectangular piece of magnetized plastic. Outer side is gray with name of hotel in black. Three brown tone parallelograms decorative surface on one side. Back is white with magnetic strip. Instructions for use printed in several languages including English, Chinese, French, and Japanese.
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    Washington pears - Z blue brand
    Creation Date: 1940
    Catalog ID: S1992.26.1
    Call Number: EPH/634.13/C1w/1940
    Crate label (17.5x26.5 cm.) for Blue Z Brand pears, shipped by C.M. Holtzinger Fruit Co., Yakima, WA. In dark blue, white and yellow. Dated 1940. Ephemera.