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    Collection Item 27357
    Creation Date: 1884
    Catalog ID: 1989.76.1
    Handknitted wool blanket, light green with off-white trim and "popcorn" stitch pattern. Two long edges and one short edge are scalloped.
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    Cadaco Spell Time
    Creation Date: 1990-1996
    Catalog ID: 2002.73.17
    Game played with one or two persons. Blue plastic case with handle holds 15 plastic coated cardboard sheets, each with 6 pictures and 3-5 blocks with punched holes. Plastic letters of the alphabet with prongs on the back of each, are stored in a compartment on the opposite side of the case. The letters fit into the punched holes in the colored blocks of the cardboard to make the word shown in the picture.
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    Collection Item 66280
    Creation Date: 1930-1940
    Catalog ID: 1997.52.148
    Instruction sheet with 26 letters, a-z.
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    Collection Item 70916
    Creation Date: 1950-1975
    Catalog ID: 1981.118.3023
    Unframed linen sampler made from a printed kit and hand stitched, possibly by Mrs. Newman, to show the alphabet and variety of stitches which create domestic images listed above.
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    [needlework picture]
    Creation Date: 1969-1971
    Catalog ID: 1981.118.987
    unframed needlework picture on cotton with a variety of stitches, including cross stitch. Piece has 4 rows of cross stitch in red and blue, forming border on 4 sides. Scene of astronaut, Neil Armstrong beginning his walk on the moon with the earth visible in the distance. Astronaut's famous words and date complete the commemorative picture.
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    Collection Item 21780
    Creation Date: Jul. 10, 1831
    Catalog ID: 1963.100.4
    Sampler with silk embroidery thread on linen ground with cross stitch and other patterns of embroidery in three colors. Signed, dated with lines of alphabet, capital and lower case and numbers, 1-9. Pierced work on 1 border and 4 lines of a prayer to Jesus.
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    The English Alphabet in Rustic Letters
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.1.293
    Call Number: 2013.154.1.293
    Black and white, undated close photographic image of a display of letters of the English alphabet formed naturally from mainly tree limbs and roots, found and owned by Mr. E. K. Lambert, of Elma, Grays Harbor County, WA. Location of image is unknown. Printed on image reverse: " The English alphabet in Rustic Letters / Mr. E.K. Lambert, of Elma, Wash. is the finder and owner of this wonderful alphabet, and can prove where each letter has grown. . . . . These letters are just as Nature formed them, and are of ten different kinds of wood. . . . The letters are principally limbs and roots, and are as uniform as could be found. . . . . Mr. Lambert holds the alphabet in his possession, and intends to exhibit it at the St. Louis Exposition, and later at Portland, Ore. " The complete text relates the type of wood of each letter, and how copies of the image may be obtained from the photographer.
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    Collection Item 47930
    Creation Date: 1960-1980?
    Catalog ID: 1981.118.2386
    Example of large rectangular needlework picture made on light tan linen using cross stitch technique. Central rectangle has alphabet embroidered in numerous colors in upper section. At center are angular trees. In lower sectrion is small house with two chimneys, man and woman standing on either side and beneath curving tree. Border of olive green, dark green, and yellow around images. Larger elaborate border with zigzag form in dark green and small floral deocrations inbetween. At center bottom are Mrs. Newman's initials and date. Dark green border around entire needlework area.
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    Jolly animal ABC
    Creation Date: ca. 1888
    Catalog ID: 1994.1.2.445
    Call Number: CHILD./EPH/591/J685a/1888
    1 v.; ill. (some col.); 27 cm.; 1994.1.2.445; ''printed on linen'' Cover depicts a cat and mouse, a pig playing a fiddle, a monkey, and a stork. Colored illustrations throughout.
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    Magic Writing and Drawing Slate
    Creation Date: 1950s?
    Catalog ID: 2018.10.4
    Magic Writing and Drawing Slate, made by unknown manufacturer, United States, 1950s? Slate consists of a rectangular piece of cardboard with attached piece of gray plastic which is located over a stiff black board. Front of cardboard is light orange with green band on upper half. The band has alphabet printed in white with upper and lower case letters and a section for numbers. Title printed at top in green lettering, with illustration of a small boy on left and a hand holding a stylus on the right.