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    Exploration, NW Coast, 1770s
    Creation Date: ca. 1975?
    Catalog ID: WH1990.3
    Painting by Kenn Johnson, pre 1979? Watercolor, framed and glazed. Illustration of explorers preparing to land at Neah Bay. Title exploration, NW Coast 1770s.
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    Creation Date: 1894
    Catalog ID: 1990.0.102
    This is a watercolor painting depicting the CABIN BUILT BY THOMAS HOOD 1894 with stumps, pole fence, bushes, and some trees.
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    Mt. Tacoma
    Creation Date: 1890-1930
    Catalog ID: 2004.46.152
    Watercolor painting on off-white rectangular piece of stiff paper or card stock. Corners rounded. Image is basically an oval with Mt. Rainier at the center and hills, trees and a grassy area in the foreground in brown and green paint. Reverse: Glued to top back in reverse V-shape is a piece of a yellow cigar silk which functions as a wall hanger.
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    untitled (head study for Chinook Wind)
    Creation Date: 1910-1970
    Catalog ID: 1973.52.20.2
    Small head study is made of plaster painted silver-color on a carved stone base. Study is the head of a woman shown from her proper right shoulder up. She has abstracted facial features and her hair twisted back into a spirl bun. The base is rectangular with patterned grooves around edges. Study is attached to base with screw.
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    untitled (frog study)
    Creation Date: 1910-1970
    Catalog ID: 1973.52.219.1
    Small frog figurine made of plaster and painted green. Frog is shown resting on a patch of grass with all four feet on the ground. Base is square.
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    Street Singers
    Catalog ID: 1960.42.12
    Depicts street singers and tambourine players
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    Mill Valley in Spring
    Creation Date: ca. 1880
    Catalog ID: 1960.42.4
    Framed oil landscape depicting Mill Valley in spring
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    The Flirtation
    Creation Date: 1880-1895
    Catalog ID: 1960.42.13
    Watercolor genre scene with mounted soldier and two women in street outside stone wall and house.
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    Paradise Valley and Mount Rainier
    Creation Date: 1956
    Catalog ID: 1980.54.1
    A very large oil painting of Paradise Valley and Mount Rainier
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    The Ascension
    Catalog ID: 1982.127.1
    Depicts the Asscension of Christ