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    [spciemen of concrete from the Kingdome]
    Creation Date: 1990
    Catalog ID: 2000.46.142
    Piece of concrete (2000.46.142a) and certificate of authenticity (.142b). Concrete was taken from left field wall of Kingdome during a remodeling. Piece is grey with a blue top. Certificate is printed on pink paper with black ink and is under glass in a silver-colored metal frame. Plaque: Certificate of/Authenticity/This chunk of concrete is/hereby certified as an authentic/piece of the Kingdome's former/left field wall that was/demolished in December of/1990/[signature]/Niel M. Campbell/Stadium Director/Kingdome
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    Mill catalog
    Creation Date: 1948
    Catalog ID: 2014.39.1.19
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/643/M358m/1948
    4137 page illustrated (some color) catalog (30x25.5 cm.) of Marshall-Wells Company, wholesale jobbers, importers, manufacturers and international distributors. Items include tools, hardware, building supplies, house furnishings, and electrical, heating, plumbing, auto supplies, etc. Includes general index and sectional indexes. Published in various U.S. and Canadian locations in 1948.
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    [Section of tile roof from Kingdome]
    Catalog ID: 2000.46.12
    Section of tile roof from Kingdome. Square tile made of wood splinters; white paint on one side, black colorant on other side