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    [Bicycle Street Parade]
    Creation Date: 1952
    Catalog ID: 2006.0.343
    photographic print, view of a street parade in Sunnyside, Yakima County, Washington, 1952. Group of children (both boys and girls) are shown riding decorated bicycles on the main commercial street in Sunnyside, while spectators watch. Recognizable businesses include Empire Drugs (which also sells veterinary supplies) and a dentist office.
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    Minidoka, 1945. Hunt, Idaho
    Creation Date: 1945
    Catalog ID: 1994.
    Call Number: 1994.
    Snapshot of woman holding a toddler and two children standing in front of her at the Minidoka Relocation Camp in Hunt, Idaho. The names, "Lilly", Kats", "Maya" and "Ronnie" are printed in ink at the bottom of the sanpshot. Barracks are visible in the background.
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    "Hello, the top of the morning to you."
    Creation Date: 1909
    Catalog ID: 2009.142.6.17
    Color illustrated postcard (13.5x8.5 cm.) featuring child, dressed in green, talking on the telephone. Calendar shows date, March 17. Published in 1909.
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    Hans Andersen's fairy tales
    Creation Date: [ca. 1895]
    Catalog ID: 1994.1.2.207
    Call Number: CHILD./398.21/An22h/1895
    113, [4] p.; ill.; 25 cm.; Colored illus. front cover; A collection of 12 tales
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    [Point Defiance Park Beach]
    Creation Date: ca. 1890
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.22
    Call Number: TAC/PAR/46
    photographic print, a large group of men, women and children pose outside two shelters and dock at the Point Defiance Park beach, Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington, ca. 1890. Several families are shown seated in row boats. American flag is visible on top of the nearest beach shelter.
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    Time tables
    Creation Date: 1929
    Catalog ID: 2011.83.108
    Call Number: EPH-A/385.061/T610p/1929-6
    80 page time table (23x20.5 cm. unfolded) for Northern Pacific Railway for June-July 1929. Includes illustrations, maps, and index of stations. In white, red and black. Ephemera.
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    Coming--the people's favorites: the Jolly Entertainers from the Children's Industrial Home
    Creation Date: [ca. 1915]
    Catalog ID: 2000.145.1
    Call Number: EPH-C/362.732/C437c/1915
    1 poster; ill.; 69 cm.; Includes 5 photos from past performances
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    Two gangs have been battling for control of Tacoma: now there's a third!
    Creation Date: [1993]
    Catalog ID: 1994.70.251
    Call Number: EPH-C/979./77881/Sa17t/1993
    1 poster; ill.; 61 cm.; Ill. of crowd of children & adults.
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    Jell-o, America's most famous dessert : "Even if you can't cook, you can make a Jell-0 dessert"
    Creation Date: 1905
    Catalog ID: 1994.1.3.48
    Call Number: EPH/641.5/G286/1905
    Color illustrated 15-p. booklet extols advantages of using jello and includes recipes and illustrations of confections. Includes 4 p. advertisement for Jell-o Ice Cream powder. Tied with string. Depicts little girl dressed as an adult admiring the Jello. Beautiful color illustrations throughout depicting maids, servants (including a stereotypical African American), and women cooking. Dated 1905.
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    [Toy Collection, Fox Broadway Theatre, Tacoma, WA]
    Creation Date: Dec. 6, 1930
    Catalog ID: 1957.19.05.594
    Call Number: Bowen/05.594 Nitrate Room
    nitrate negative, large group of men, women, and children stand surrounding a fire truck in front of the Fox Broadway Theatre, (theater) Tacoma, WA., Chapin Bowen, photographer, Dec. 6, 1930. Christmas toys and presents are being collected for poor children at a special benefit matinee. Some of people present include fire men and young women wearing short skirts. The women may employees of the Fox Theatre. Sign advertising the current movie is partially visible. The name "Mr. Roediger" (possibly the theatre manager or benefit sponsor) is indicated on the original negative envelope.