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    Camp stoves and fireplaces
    Creation Date: 1937
    Catalog ID: 2006.45.4
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/728.7/T212c/1936
    5 p. 1., 91 p. incl. XXVII (i.e. 30) pl.; 28 cm. Camp stoves and fireplaces
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    Sixty-five delicious dishes made with bread
    Creation Date: 1919
    Catalog ID: 1994.1.3.95
    Call Number: EPH/641.5/M317/1919
    32 page illustrated cookbook (18x12.5 cm.) for items made with bread, compiled for the Fleischmann Co. by Marion Harris Neil. Published in 1919. Color illustrated wraps; front cover features woman holding dish of bread and peas. Ephemera.
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    ''Let George do it'' cook book
    Creation Date: 1938
    Catalog ID: 1997.1.49
    Call Number: EPH/641.5/L567n/1938
    36 page collection (23x15 cm.) of recipes resulting from a ''Men's Favorite Recipes'' contest in 1938; edited by Dorothy Neighbors of the Seattle Times. Front cover illus. on red paper features male chef holding pie. Ephemera.
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    Helen's recipe collection
    Creation Date: 2010
    Catalog ID: 2012.1.14
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/641.5/H366r/2010
    20 page color illustrated book (28x22.5 cm.) consisting of recipes collected by Helen Miller, 2010. Includes family photographs and brief biographical sketch relating to the Goddard family and the Oregon Trail. Plastic coil binding.
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    Apple talk--information for apple users
    Creation Date: 1925
    Catalog ID: 2013.65.1.1
    Call Number: EPH/835.061/Ap52in/1925
    20 page illustrated booklet (18x13.5 cm.) providing consumer information about apples, including articles on how to purchase, varieties, dietetic value, and recipes. Published by the Northern Pacific Railway, ca. 1925. Color illustrated wraps feature red apple and Northern Pacific logo. Ephemera.
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    Famous apple recipes for famous Washington apples
    Creation Date: [ca. 1960]
    Catalog ID: 1999.86.15
    Call Number: EPH/641.5/F211f/1960
    1 sheet; ill.; 23 cm.
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    Better Homes & Gardens: So-good Meals
    Creation Date: ca. 1963
    Catalog ID: 1990.45.4
    Hardbound; plastic coated; 61 pages with 100 recipes, with pictures. Part of the Creative Cooking Library series.
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    Apple talk : sixty recipes for year-round use of apples
    Creation Date: 1925
    Catalog ID: S1992.30.6
    Call Number: EPH/641.5/N814a/1925
    23 page illustrated booklet (18.5x13 cm.) of recipes and information about apples, produced by Northern Pacific Railway in 1925. Color illustrated wraps feature various varieties of apples. Includes railroad map and chart, "An All-Year Program for Using Apples." Ephemera.
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    Indian camp on beach
    Creation Date: Sep. 20, 1935
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.61515
    Call Number: 1943.42.61515
    Indian camp on the beach. Shelters are of cloth draped over poles, as well as plank structures. The people, mostly women, are engaged in a variety of activities, including weaving and food preparation. Several canoes are pulled up onto the beach as well. Curtis' card for this photograph reads: "Tacoma Historic - Indian camp on beach - site of Shoenfeld Store."
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    Potluck at PYC
    Creation Date: c1996
    Catalog ID: 2007.25.1.51
    Call Number: 641.5/P864p/1996
    237 p.; ill.; 23 cm.; 2007.25.1.51; Includes index