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    Collection Item 82914
    Creation Date: 1900-1970?
    Catalog ID: 2003.0.1181
    Serving tray made of colorless, transparent glass. Almost round with small round base rim, large flat serving area and raised edges. Edges have slightly scalloped effect, being formed into six rounded sections around edge. White floral motif with flowers and vines extending around a cornucopia is repeated. Vine of leaves extends over each cornucopia.
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    [Job's Daughters Dance]
    Creation Date: Nov. 1,1960
    Catalog ID: C1986.
    2 Negative photos of three young women with a cornucopia, publicity photos for a dance sponsored by Job's Daughters of Olympia, WA, Thurston County. Photograph ran November 4, p. 17. Identities are provided in the subject field of this record.
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    Creation Date: 1942
    Catalog ID: 2015.32.1
    Appliqued quilt made by Adelia Thresa Laughlin Canfield, 1942. There are 12 appliqued medallions of Washington State subjects titled as follows by the quilt maker: Discovery of Puget Sound; Search for a Home; Frontier Cabin; Early Church in Tacoma; University of Washington; Treaty with Indians; Playground of America; Wild Ducks; Wheat Field; Country Schoolhouse; A Forest Scene; The Vanishing Race. The background is off-white fabric with the medallions placed in the center of the quilt in four rows of three each. Each medallion has a sunburst edging. Around the outer part of the quilt are appliques of plants and flowers native to Washington. At the top center is an American eagle with a red, white and blue banner in its beak. At the bottom center are two cornucopias, the left holds vegetables and the holds fruit. Below these are embroidered in black floss: Evelyn Adelia Theresa Laughlin Canfield 1942. Details are added to the medallions in embroidery. The binding is green and the back of the quilt is yellow. The titles of the medallions are embroidered on a white fabric label on the back of the quilt. The quilt was made for Mrs. Canfield's daughter Evelyn Elizabeth Canfield Kirk. A label on the back of the quilt has a poem to Evelyn from Mama.
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    Southwest Washington Fair
    Creation Date: 1914
    Catalog ID: 2004.2.1.63
    Call Number: EPH/979.7821/W152so/1914
    Envelope (9x16.5 cm.) with color illustrated emblem of Southwest Washington Fair in upper left corner, above return address to G.R. Walker, secretary. Emblem features woman embracing cornucopia spilling fruit and vegetables. Envelope addressed to H.A. Espy / Oysterville, Wash. Postmarked 1914, Chehalis, WA. Ephemera.
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    Collection Item 48114
    Creation Date: 1916
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.198
    Gold-colored, metal badge in shape of badge worn at 1916 Republican National Convention. In center is head of Lady Liberty with Capitol Building and factory scenes in background. Above is rectangle with molded lettering. Below is banner with molded lettering. Across bottom are two, facing cornucopia.
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    Official premium list: twelve thousand dollars in prizes to fruit growers. Northwest fruits feed the world
    Creation Date: 1921
    Catalog ID: 1997.1.258
    Call Number: EPH/582/P119of/1921
    Officia premium list for the Pacific Northest Fruit Exposition, 1921. 32 p.; ill., tables; 24 cm.; Col. ill. wraps. Illustration of a woman, an Allegorical figure of Agriculture hold a cornucopia from which a variety of fruits are spilling forth.
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    Thanksgiving greeting
    Creation Date: 1908
    Catalog ID: 2007.113.370
    Color illustrated, embossed postcard (9x14 cm.) featuring tom turkey and cornucopia of fruit and vegetables (apples, grapes, squash, corn). "Thanksgiving series no. 3." Ephemera. Dated 1908.
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    [Invitation issued to Mr. H.A. Espy to attend the sixth annual Southwest Washington Fiar]
    Creation Date: 1914
    Catalog ID: 1998.31.1.204
    Call Number: EPH/979.782/So89es/1914
    Single sheet (17.5x12.5 cm.) invitation issued by the Southwest Washington Fair Commission, 1914. "H.A. Espy" handwritten. Includes color illustrated fair logo featuring woman and cornucopia with fruit and vegetables. Title assigned by cataloger.
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    Collection Item 31845
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 1991.0.96
    Rectangular ribbon with metal medallion across top containing two, crossed U.S. flags on off-white background and with gold colored, metal fringe at bottom. Hanging from top on short pink ribbon is round, metal button containing shock of grain, images of farm equipment and clasped hands and black lettering at top. Main ribbon has pink border, a cornucopia, and silver colored lettering on pale green background. Back of ribbon has Grange symbols with silver lettering on black background above and below.
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    AYPE medal
    Creation Date: 1909
    Catalog ID: C1984.20.5
    Gold medal award for unknown prize at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909 (a) and case (b). Award designed by Eustace Ziegler and made by the Gorham Co. Medal is round, gold-colored, with embossed figure of seated woman holding plaque with image of George Washington in one hand and branch in other. She is seated on pedestal with cornucopia at her feet. Below is an Indian in canoe. To her proper left are two men standing with axe and pickaxe in front of trees. To her proper right is sea with ship and rising sun. Around border is name of exposition and date. On back is raised decoration of a laurel wreath with scroll at center, with space for engraving of name. Case made of pressed paper and covered with green textured paper. Lid is hinged with the paper. Interior lined with padded green velvet with insert for medal. Small label at upper corner of lid. Name of exposition and date printed in white block letters on lid center.